Meeting doodle

...can you tell it's been 5 lives since I've drawn anything.  clunky.  creaky.  rusty. 

Sharon Virtue brings the FUNK {SHON}


Sharon Virtue
Artist Reception Saturday, April 10
opening 5pm!


As you know; I have talked about Sharon before.  As usual, she's trucking along at high speed.  

In Sharon's words:
"My new ceramic show demonstrates how functional ceramics bring some bling to your dinning experience.

Challenging our assumptions about representation by playfully blurring the boundaries between western ideas about ‘high’ art and traditional categorization of ‘African Art’. Your Spring will be sprung with these brilliant funky functional ceramic wares inspired by African textiles and Rococo ornamentation.

FUNK {SHON} a playful pun on the word function, is the first show of only utilitarian ceramics I have created. I believes tha a healthy portion of art should be included in all of our daily diets. What better way to provide that than on a beautifully decorated plate or cup or bowl?

My new functional ceramic work is a combination of 17th century ceramic decorative art forms and African textiles. Inspiration came from Chris Ofili and Yinka Shonibare, British artists of African decent, whose works open up debate about the social, cultural and political issues that shape our histories and construct our identity."

I can tell you from experience that attending Sharon's show will be an experience.

One you won't soon forget;
chicken suits
glitter glam
food & drink

a supremely unique time will be on offer.

...and her work really does fly out the door - so, get there on the early side!

for more on Sharon Virtue; Sharon's Website

NCECA Live Feed for Pre-Conference

Monday, March 29, 2010 at 9:00am thru Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 5:00pm


Karl McDade Lesley Baker Collab

WOWZA!  These instantly caught my attention!  Two completely different styles.  No argument here; male and female-esque in union.  Collaborative pacing at it's best.

Lesley Baker's use of decals the best I've seen. 

Two fabulous ceramic artists!

Karl McDade here
Lesley Baker here

Last Evening's Walk

mustard in full bloom.

Drama in the skies.

secret break; my back up. 

saw a friend - we talked about this winter's amazing surf.  I told him a fish story and then he told his.  He was out south of the pier.  He'd been out for about an hour, he was sitting out a swell, it rolled by.  Then he felt a rush of water behind him a whoosh of water and felt the slightest brush against him, he looked to his left to see a large dark grey white shape just aside and under him moving by.  He said it was huge.  A large grey shape, dark grey on top whitish grey underneath as it sidelined him.  He froze, freaked; and started in.  Of course, I was vicerally picturing the whole thing; I asked how he felt about surfing after that?  He told me he didn't go out for 4 mos.

now I have to get my head around Ed's fish story...

Super Score!

I visited A Plate a Day and lookie what I found...

This is Andreas Steinemann's work sourced from Swiss Ceramics which I promptly visited and my head almost exploded!  It's like a ceramic motherload of a kind. 

Check it out here.

See ya later - I'm going over to Swiss Ceramics...Happy Weekend!

modern mast heads

I worked on a head last night for a sculpture I'm building and I realized it looked very much like a hood ornament in shape and 'direction'...

unplanned of course; thought I'd look into it a little bit.

Much like the Tall Ship mast heads I so recently posted about; these beauties are the mast heads for the land going 'vessels' of the early 20th Century.

I love the elegance and art nouveau inspiration - but I gotta say that skele-barbie dealio more than hits the mark!!

*all pics unknown and found.

a different kind of vessel

I saw these pictures of the Austin Martin One - 77 over at NOTCOT and it got me thinking.  Cars evoke a lot of passion and have enormous charisma.  Look at this thing; the thing is ridiculously beautiful.  As I looked at it and read the article I kept thinking about how much I wanted to meet the designer - pick his/her brain.  I wondered how such a car is imagined, conceptualized, designed, how it's created.  This is art folks.  The most expensive and most beautiful machines created in a highly crafted process where only a very few are made.  To me they are as important as a great painting. 

We all experience the love affair with cars whether we hook into it or not. 

The car world is so vast and heavily populated with intensely passionate sub culture genres.  So, there are a lot of ways we can go with this conversation.

I'm going aesthetic, beauty, and charisma.  Hell, I can't explain what evokes my attraction to the nostalgia, ingenuity and industry that created them - that would be a lot of conversation with a lot of different people.

Old cars have a lot of stories to tell.  You can see it in their eyes.