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Molly Hatch Mishima Workshop

Molly Hatch did a fabulous workshop hosted by the gals at Fourth & Clay in Berkeley yesterday.  I must say it was one of the better workshops I've taken; I came away with some valuable "tools" to break through the blank page freakout I always experience when it comes to 'decorating' my work! 

The workshop detailed her use of Mishima and Sgraffito - surface decoration - Molly is a wildly talented artist and she very graciously shared a ton of information used in her own process which is - let's face it - why we go to workshops in the first place.  A few of her tips included: detailing drawings on paper and using it to then trace directly onto the clay (which is awesome for people who freak out when faced with a blank surface): her use of a calligraphy pen as a carving tool: and some engobe stuff I am not super clear on...but got the gist. 

Molly is very open and super share-y which shows a level of confidence and graciousness that I appreciate.  It's also a real bonus to put a face with the work; I have been eyeing her work for a long time and it was awesome to spend a day watching her in action!  It was a benefit to listen to her talk about her work, studio space, education and ideas about why she makes the choices she does in her designs and also some of her general thoughts on ceramics.  An additional nice touch was a very well put together handout showing pictures of her technique and a complete glaze list.  Molly genuinely wanted to provide her audience with whatever information we were after! 

AND: You've heard me tout the fourth & clay contingent here often and they did a great job of hosting this workshop.  If you haven't made a point to visit the trifecta studio of Rae Dunn, Christa Assad and Josie Jurczenia - uh, you might want to get on that!

AND AND: a visit to Fourth & Clay couldn't come at a better time: The Spring Seconds Sale is next weekend and will include guest artist Whitney Smith - seriously!!  please visit any of the above links for more information on the Fourth & Clay sale this coming weekend May 1st and 2nd.

AND AND AND: Below are some samples of Molly's work showing at Lola in Berkeley until Wednesday.  Lola is a neat-O shop on College Ave in Berkeley.

my new Molly Hatch tumber!  love it.

p.s. that cute pupperoonie is Wilma, Rae's dog.  You can learn more about Wilma here.

p.s.s. if you have any questions or would like more detail about the workshop or from the handout, please email me.

Also - Jesse Lu over at MudBucket wrote about Molly and posted some more cool pics!
Molly Hatch website

land. sea. sky

my view.  in all kinds of weather.  on all types of days.  i always feel lucky to have it.  i don't take it for granted!

remember "Earth Day" is everyday...

enjoy your weekend - get outside!! 


Number 15

Number 15.  I'm ambivalent.  These pictures show her as looking a bit flat.  I do still want to add some decal work to her and so I am not surprised it has a feeling of being incomplete.

Anyone else reading it that way?  

eerrrrr....hmmm (thinking)...

I think the thing that's bugging me is that at the end of most of my sculptures; I have a different idea of what I may have done - even a small part I wished I'd done differently.  Which bothers me.  I cannot completely form the picture of where I'm going before I start?  I do wing a fair portion of the subject as I go - in this case, it seems to show.  Sometimes all the pieces go together and it works; and sometimes they don't. 

This piece has an odd sense of something not fitting. 

I find this an interesting process - to look at what works and what doesn't and how I think I need to work on the concept or planning process?  I don't know, do other people work like this? 

...a friend said; "oh, she's having a bath?" 

Welcome - it's punchy Monday!!

We Recommend McSweeney's Recommends

For my 250th post, I wanted to steer you towards mining the infinite
possibilities of McSweeney's Recommends. It's a real gem.

FAIR WARNING: it will prompt a reading list

while you're at it; explore the greater McSweeney's universe.

p.s. comments, bits of this and that, thoughts and ideas are welcome and vastly appreciated!
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Forage SF Underground Market

SF Underground Market was conceived of by Iso Rabins (pictured above) in early December 2009. Frustrated by his inability to get a booth at legit farmers markets (to be in most farmers markets in SF you need to be certified as the primary producer of the food you sell, and since wild foraged food grows on its own, there is technically no producer), as well as amazed by the wealth of delicious professional quality food being made in Bay Area home kitchens.
The first market was held in a private home in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, with 8 vendors, and about 200 attendees. Now at number three (at the time of this post) , It has grown to 47 vendors and over 1,200 people attending.

The SF Underground Market is an incubator. A place where budding businesses can get a leg up on their road to legitimacy.

SF Underground Market

sign up (for FREE) to get in and we'll see you there!

I LOVE this town!

Recent Standouts

Hey, you there!   thought I'd pass on some interesting and worthy locales...

Let's Start with Sharon Montrose
Actually, there aren't enough 'cute-isms' to do it any justice; so go see for yourself.
Sharon's Blog

PPPots is kkk kool!
good 'ole straightforward (mostly) ceramic eye candy.

Handful of Salt
definitely a new favorite 
It's an exploration of the idea and people behind what we call DesignCraft: great design that's beautiful, authentic, responsible, locally-crafted, personal, and deeply human. Enjoy.

 There are some great interviews with local artists - a really enjoyable place.

Billy & the Broken Stitch blog
fun, fun, fun to be had with a stylish surfer-y twist. 
Just the way I like it!


California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art
April 30 - May 2, 2010
Davis, CA

In an intimate setting, you can interact with top artists in a way not possible at other venues. UC Davis, home to the late sculptor Robert Arneson, was instrumental in defining a new direction for ceramic art. Enjoy delightful downtown Davis and be inspired by nationally recognized ceramic art talents.

45 major ceramic sculpture exhibitions and over 42 college shows bring the best work of the year within easy reach.

Facebook page

I am working on two possible pieces for this show; we'll see what works.  Last year was a really fun event.  It is a show where (barring NCECA) there is an extroardinary amount of ceramic work by a huge range of California Artists in one place.  And that place; Davis, Ca is a really cute, accessible, small community that heartily welcomes this event.  A great opportunity to see what's going on 'out there' in the ceramic community and see the next generation of work coming up, see friends, meet new ones and hang out with Ceramic-y people; it's a fun event with a party atmosphere!


Fundraising Event!
Wednesday, April 21st
6pm - 8pm
Skyline College

The Skyline College Ceramics Department has been working hard in the "bowl factory" making 200+ bowls over the last 6 mos for this fabulous fundraising event benefitting the Peninsula Food Pantry.  Music, Food, Entertainment and a lot of bowls!!
Please join us!  

100% of the proceeds will go directly to the food bank!

Pick up one of these...

Here is some new work from Rae Dunn made for a show at GUMP'S.  Aren't they fabulous!  Look at these vases, the use of the delicate decal florals inside, the quiet color, softness and such expression.  BRAVO!  I have a couple pieces of Rae's and I am always instantly attracted to the delicate calm and approachable feel her work expresses.  They feel "like home" to me in a very real and tactile way.  It would be impossible not to pick one of these up and feel them in your hands. 

No doubt they will jump off the shelf!

This to me is what ceramics is all about; a completely hand made beautiful piece of work made by someone designed for the purpose.  There is such a special quality to them and yet they are definitely something I want to use in my home every day.

More on Rae and the show at GUMPS
Rae Dunn Website
Rae Dunn at ETSY
Fourth & Clay

Also, Rae writes a great blog; in fact, her blog was one thing that got me started on thinking it would be a fun project to start one myself. 

...and she is SO super nice!

nudibranch love

I have always had a thing for these flashy little oceanic beauties.

Nat. Geographic has a slick photo series of only a few of the some 3000+ species of Nudibranchs that cover all oceans of the world.  No, no, it's not nudie beach, it's Nudibraaanck. 

Anyway, I have long fantasized about doing a bunch of small porcelain pieces of these poisonous little wonders.

National Geographic
More on Nudibranch's here

Yuri Takemura

Yuri Takemura found today via A Plate a Day

I like this stuff; simple, clean lines and yet there is some 'wacky' making an appearance to take things just off kilter.  Check it out; you'll see what I mean...

Yuri Takemura
A Plate a Day 

Ok. THIS is super neat-O

In one of London’s most fabulously unique exhibitions of recent times, critically acclaimed theatre company, WILDWORKS, are casting a very special spell over the famous Kensington Palace, as it undergoes a massive £12m transformation during the next 2 years. Fashion, art and performance will be found in Kensington’s magnificent State Apartments until the refurbishment is complete in March 2012, enchanting visitors with tales of former royal residents through dreamlike installations, interactive theatre, intimate storytelling, soundscapes and haunting film projections. Installations come from leading fashion designers Vivienne Westwood, William Tempest, Stephen Jones, Boudicca, Aminaka Wilmont and illustrator/set designer Echo Morgan, whilst the performance elements, from the quite brilliant WILDWORKS, truly bring this atmospheric exhibition to life with ghostly and other-worldly mystique that has to be seen to be believed…..

FOR MORE visit We Heart

I would LOVE to see this.

Seeing RED

Sums it up.

Adult beverage anyone?

..........what a day

..................what a week!

RED Surfboards - source unknown
Maori carvings - respectfully unknown
Woman in turban - artist unknown
Wrapped Trees - Phillipa Lawrence photo; wayne fox - courtesy of wayne fox
Amaryllis - Mondrian
Mercedes - Exotics&Luxury
sign -source unknown
Panel - Romano Rui - Andrea Doria
kate moss - source unknown
red stairwell - source unknown
coral - source unknown
octopus - source unknown.

*all pics are not my own unless indicated; i have found via the internet - if you are the source or know the source; please send me a note and I will annotate correctly.