WIP and some new molds


Started glazing the WIP.  it's a beginning, though I'm not sure where I'm heading (haw! no pun intended).  Amaco underglazes, first firing, to be continued...

AND, making some new bowl molds - I've been using these bowls as slump molds and I think I can get a cleaner result with a plaster mold - so at it I went this weekend.  I actually really like working with plaster.  I found myself mold-happy walking around my house eyeing everything as potential molds...go mold or go home!

Ed made the wood molds for me to be re-used, so just getting started.  If I can get some success, I'll make enough to up my production!  Actually, I've not made this type of mold before, I got some tips from Tiffany Schmierer over the phone and tried to figure out the rest.  Possibly not the best practice - I made a clay 'rim' for the bowl to seat on and made it pretty clean and tight.  I then put Vaseline on the bowl, which is made of bamboo, and poured away.  The bamboo is pretty snug in the mold, it hasn't yet released.  I'm hoping that when the plaster dries more the bamboo will lose some of the suction and be set free?

I probably could have watched a you tube video....

Julie Moon

Julie Moon is balls out.  I really like the energy and darty nature of her style.  Kitch with density.   Her website is image laden - not a lot of verbage on her - but feast your eyes, people.  Feast your eyes.

navigating major changes

New vases

Ed's newbie cup

My world is in flux.  I need a deflocculant.   Now, so I don't LOSE MY MIND; I am working to plant seeds, keep my feet on the ground, connect to what's important, learn and change, not have a meltdown while I'm at it.

Some parts I'm handling gracefully.  Some parts, uh, not so much.  See, I wasn't prepared for this change?  Funny how that works.  So lots of navigating and reorientation.  And guess what; introverts have pretty low tolerance...I think that's why I keep having fleeing fantasies - like going on a trip to fiji, walking out on my job, getting in my car and driving.....to LA.

So while floating around on a swelly sea; I really need to get to work in my studio producing work for a show in November.  that's probably the answer.  clay.