The Shipwright's Mug

I just am so buoyed, so inspired and excited by working with this wood/ceramic relationship.  I am so attracted to how it looks, the marriage of the two materials - in a gushy kind of way.  

I call it the Shipwright's Mug.  I know, I'm romanticising here.  

  1. A person who designsbuilds and repairs ships, especially wooden ones.

    • A shipwright is one who builds or repairs ships using whatever materials are available including, but not limited to wood, metal, plastic, and concrete. / A master shipwright is one who has learned to use his skills with precision and is capable of teaching them to others. His knowledge includes mathematics, mechanics, and the use of tool; they also include the application of imagination, ingenuity, creativity, and vision of what can be

    Musing about Mud

    I can tell you waking up to seeing my work on Monday Morning eye candy is such an awesome treat !
    It just feels so exciting, I mean, we are talking MUSING ABOUT MUD here !!!!!  So excited and inspired!

    Putting a little swing in my step!

    Also if you haven"t listened to Carole's interview over at Ben Carter's Blog, I highly recommend it,  Makes this even more cool for me!

    Thank you so much Carole,