my new one!

I already have one of Tiffany's pieces and I love the thing; I also get tons of compliments about it. I couldn't resist another one.

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Super sweet, original, wonderfully crafted, and very affordable.

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Friday, December 4th from 5pm - 10pm Ceramic Arts of Berkeley (CAB+), hosts their first event, a ceramic art show and sale with over 48 artists working in clay from the Berkeley California area. Support local artists this holiday with a gift of art, the sale will be located at Leslie Ceramic Supply, 1212 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA! Also 10% of the purchase price will be donated to the Martin Luther King Jr. middle school.

uh, so going!

Maybe reconsider, maybe rethink how and what you buy people as gifts - as you'd be so amazed and surprised at how accessible really good pieces of work are...this would be a great show for xmas gifts of all ranges.

Holiday Season begins

Madrigalli Market was great! It was a success and I'm excited about next year! A very special thank you to Michelle and Janine of Madrigalli Designs and the Pedro Point Association for making it possible! I know how much goes into making it happen; you guys did a fabulous job, thank you! It has such a fun, easy, community vibe that makes it something to look forward to.

Thanks to all of you who came by to see me; I deeply appreciate everyone's interest and support! And, thanks to Mother Nature for such clear, if crisp, days!

It's the start of the Holiday Season - it's all about spending time with family and friends, enjoying great company, great food and bev's, perfect!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The coast is clear, enjoy it!

Evan B. Harris

Let's call him Evan B.= BAD ASS Harris! He hails from Oregon, grew up in Medford and I want to say now lives in Portland(?).
Simply, IN LOVE with this guys creative genius, totally, enamored, blown away, envisioning many of these on a wall in my house!

more of Evan here & here & here


One of the great SF art coop org's. SOEX has been around some 30+ years and done so much for the art community in San Francisco. They've recently opened up in a fab new location. I went by to say hi and see the new space at 3030 Alabama (in the Mish) in San Francisco.

Get familiar - the opening Exhibition and what they are doing is worth a look!
more here.

Round Two

Sorry, I've not been 'gettin' my blog on' lately; I've been getting ready for the next show. There are good and bad things I've learned about doing shows basically back to back.

here's some good things:
  • I'm already packed and basically ready to go - I did that work packing for the last show
  • I'm "warmed" up coming off last weeks' great show! I'm not feeling as nervous.
  • The hard work is done; I'm in a more relaxed attitude about the whole thing
  • I'm excited and looking forward to the show!

couple small neg's:

  • I'm still not feeling well - I've been battling a cold/flu for weeks
  • I whipped out some new small pieces and may be pulling them out of the kiln on show day!
  • I whipped out some new small pieces and I may not be pulling them out of the kiln on show day!
I had a goal this year to do two shows and here I am; I've almost completed my goal. Of course, being in the middle of this process, I've been thinking about it a lot; what it took for me to get here, my planning, timing, organizing, what worked and most importantly what didn't work? I don't mind the hard questions; I am very interested in doing a critique on myself. How did I do? Where are my areas for improvement? What did I learn? I am already aware of some significant ways I can improving my prep. I am still working out exactly what this really means for my goals and plans for next year. So, I am going to do the Madrigalli Show this coming weekend then I hope to have a valuable discussion of my performance good and bad!

...more on that later - for now:

You may not hear from me much this week! If you're in the neighborhood, please come by the show and say hi! I'd love to hear from you.


2009 Sea Glass & Ocean Art Festival

Outside the Seymore Marine Mammal Center - right in front of natural bridges :)

thanks to everyone who patiently waited in line both days to get in! We love you for that!

Krista Hammond of Santa Cruz Sea Glass Jewelry - an awesome show organizer, great jewelry!!

Candace MacDonald - Beachstring!

moi and some of the girls.

BiG thanks to my friend Richard for taking pictures; the phone action just ain't cuttin' it. Thank you Janine! I really could not have done it with out you, all that restaurant experience rarely goes to waste! Also, thanks to my parents who helped out with packing and hauling stuff down there at the crack of dawn - and to Brian & Susan who helped me pack it up and haul it home! All a HUGE help! Also, again, thanks to Krista and Tony, who did a great job putting this on; and the Seymore Marine Mammal Center Staff! They were all so easy going and helpful. Oh, and thanks Rose - I'm working on your no. 11's!!

And thanks to everyone who came by, signed in the book, took home some of my work and stayed around to chat with me!

appreciate it!

call for artists

Call for artists for Sanchez Art Center

Open to all California artists.
All artistic media will be considered.
There is no theme.
Work must be able to fit through a standard-sized door (80" x 36").

2009 Sea Glass & Ocean Art Festival

The 2009 Sea Glass & Ocean Art Festival was a super fun, super successful event!
here are a few pics; much more to come!
thank you, everyone! thank you!!!