Mami Wata and the Cantor

I finally made it to the Cantor Center for the Arts yesterday to see the Mami Wata exhibit and it was well worth the trip.  I'd like to get back to sculpture work after so many 'cups' and since I make mermaids this exhibit could not have been better timed or more inspirational.  Brilliant!!

Here is an  excellent article from the NYT Art Review by Holland Cotter who says it far far better than I ever could.

(My favorite) Tradition on both sides of the Atlantic about Mami Wata tell of the spirit abducting her followers or random people whilst they are swimming or boating. She brings them to her paradisiacal realm, which may be underwater, in the spirit world, or both.  Should she allow them to leave, the travellers usually return in dry clothing and with a new spiritual understanding reflected in their gaze. These returnees often grow wealthier, more attractive, and more easygoing after the encounter.

let's hope Mami Wata pays us all a visit this new year and may we all prosper!!

Happy New Year and Best Wishes!!

the longest day

Today is Yule, Winter Solstice - the longest day of the year.  It's a day to mark the depths of winter and the coming of spring.  Though the longest day of winter it signals a turn toward the light of spring.

We've had pretty much nonstop rain here for days (cake compared to Europe) and today finally, for a short while the sun was shining!

I have just started a two week vacation from work and I've been fighting some fluness for over a week - it's hanging on and on.  After quite a few days of couch time over the weekend I managed to get some shite done! I hate sitting around.  I got my DayQuil on and checked out Renegade on Sunday.  Renegade is a well done show.   This year it was in the Concourse Exhibition Center - I think I like the Herbst Pavilion locale better - but it was still really good.  There were quite a few more ceramic artists than last year.  Whitney Smith, Sarah, Paloma, Hue Yang, Chanda Beck and at least that many more people selling ceramic work I had never seen - which was fun and exciting!  Overall, a good show!  I bought my niece a supercute sweater dress myself and even cuter dress.   I also lucked out on amazing poster from super talented Jason Cantoro of HO LY MO LY - this guy's work has such quality and origniality!  There are a lot of print makers at Renegade and this guy made a statement -  his work stood out.  He just happens to be cute and nice - those Canadians are always so sweet!

Also, today I fooled around with some porcelain clay; I've been doing some new drawings inspired by a little book I got on Indian Textiles from the V&A.  AND, and, and,,,,I also managed to finally make two damp boxes!  It's the little things.  I'm super excited!  Because I work a regular job; I think the damp box is going to be one of my go to "tools" to help me "manage" time with my work.  I don't always have time to make and carve/design in succession.  I'm always wrestling plastic and continually wetting until I get time again to sit down and work.  So - Yeeeee Har!  and it was SUPER easy.  I'm embarrassed for having waited for so long to get the project done; I thought it was going to be a difficult, but it was a piece of cake!  As long as you get that plaster mixing thing right.

Revel in the full moon and snuggle up - think of what you've accomplished this last year and start thinking what seeds to plant for spring!

Jay Mercado paints

I went to Jay Mercado's studio opening on Sat - just to say hi - see what's going on with him, his work etc.  I had no intention of buying a painting, but I did.  He's done this series of still life on the ocean beach wall......ledge.......wall - it's called both by the local pops.  Jay's studio is amazing and his work is gorgeous, sensual and beautifully painted (now, you do get that these pictures do ZERO justice to the quality, depth and luxury of the seeing the paintings in person).  If you can, seek him out.  I think you would find yourself feeling inspired by Jay's approach, his studio and the reflection of that in his work.

Since meeting Jay and his wife Teresa; I've always wanted one of his paintings.  I finally took the plunge.  It's virtually impossible to resist a pomegranate on the Ocean Beach Ledge (wall).

I've posted about Jay in the past; he has a beautiful website and also writes a blog:

The Open Drawer

The cup invitational take aways

The Holiday Sale/Cup Invitational at Fourth & Clay was packed, HOT and from every angle a wild success!  There was capacity overflow and people were spilling out onto the street.  That studio is such a great place - I wasn't at all surprised.  Those gals know what they are doing and I was sure it was going to be...well, packed and HOT!

The work will be up through DECEMBER 19.

Josie's husband John did this amazingly beautiful video projection art, a band played, there was ceramic work up the kazoo, food and drinks everywhere.  Major party atmosphere; a ceramic RAVE.  Sharon would have loved it.

Hue Yang was there with her husband Jason Dunn and she worked her magic with the homemade persimmon mochi !!  Persimmon mochi and belgian beer is where ridiculous and good come together....just sayin'.
             visit Hue's blog for some more pics of the event.

I brought home a few gems to add to my growing cup collection and wanted to buy more but had to put on the visa brakes.

On a personal note; I learned some valuable lessons:
the good: I sold all my cups. Great, right?!

the bad: Well,,,,,really, they were under priced - feedback I got from not a few people (i.e: everyone).  Now, we can (and probably should) talk about all the things that may mean - but I'm still chewing on the feedback I received, so I'll let that sit a bit more.

and the ugly(?): it's a given I will add my own "spin" on the feedback; I'm a tad hard on myself, it's what I do, actually, it's how I get stuff done.  What probably should have been an exciting night ended up a shade on the bummery side.  I didn't feel great when I got home.  I felt out of my element and frankly a little embarrassed that I didn't know enough to competitively price my work.

Let's remember that I asked for the feedback and seriously, I do welcome it.

Still - I'm glad I went for it!  All in all; a great opportunity.

a different kind of clay artistry

Marlin Clay Model 1965

I'm fascinated by this.  Imagine a car covered in mishima, cobalt decoration, slips, sprigs, whatever.
First of all the design/render process itself is amazing.  It took some rooting around to find out about the clay body; apparently, it's a clay body with some "rubber" compounds in it are used.  It isn't fired, gets steel hard and can take a painted surface.  If it's not painted; they use a very thin sheen that is 'burnished' onto the surface.  The level of detail and intricacy are mind-boggling.

how in the world did I get on this?  I love cars.  I was reading about my current car obsession the One-77....couldn't find a good photo of the clay version of the One-77 - but this is what I found.

Behind the scenes
photos of car modeling in clay
chavant modeling clays

New from Molly Hatch

New work by Molly Hatch via her blog

I am all over the tumbler/vase/pint shape which I am currently making myself.  She makes if look gorgeous, effortless and classic modern - ALL things I aspire to in my own work...which is probably why I'm so drawn to this style of aesthetic.

now how to do flowers and birds and make my own statement!

Krochet Kids

Beanie's are so good - this one here is the Waldo cap made by the Krochet Kids.
I heard about these kids a couple years ago and got a beanie early days, think it's time for a couple more.

The story begins at Mount Spokane High School, where the trio of Stewart Ramsey, Travis Hartanov and Kohl Crecelius learned to crochet brightly-colored beanies (brimless caps sometimes worn by surfers), turning them into a must-have fashion accessories amongst their classmates. Recognizing that there might be a market for their caps—and that underprivileged individuals in far-flung parts of the world might be able to generate income from producing crocheted outerwear—they dubbed themselves Krochet Kids, and founded a non-profit organization that employs and empowers people through the power of crochet. With an ambitious pilot program in war-torn northern Uganda already underway, Krochet Kids International (KKI) is proving that it’s possible to change the world, one crocheted beanie at a time.
Read more: on the Krochet Kids story

Krochet Kids 
Krocket Kids - buy a hat change a life
Business World article  

I'm a total sucker for a good beanie.

how awesome is Adam Frew

Adam Frew website - root around; super cute, super fun, an obvious talent.

great inspiration!

that's using your tools

Reminder and a crappy picture!

One day to PARTY TIME!   This is going to be fun, hope to see you there.
Cup Invitational Show - Fourth & Clay

oh, and here's the craptastic picture of my sale last weekend.( I realize I need a camera).
Thank you to the folks that put it on and the folks that came out and supported the local cache of artists - it was super fun and a great success!

thank you A Grape in the Fog for the wine - saved the day, saved the artist!


Mia Pearlman - creating the elements.

Avital Sheffer

Avital Sheffer is a south Australian artist.  Her work is mesmerizing - the scale, intricacies, the ancient and modern combined aesthetic all create for me the feeling of storytelling.  

I only posted a few examples of her work - visit her website for an extensive series of pictures. 

Cudgegong Gallery

Alex Roulette caught my eye

Alex Roulette - his photo-(sur)realism paintings make what seem every day mundane scenes riveting.

Ivan Terestchenko

Ivan Terestchenko photographer/artist - pieces from a recent clay workshop.

dig in.  fascinating.

a continuous lean

at  a continuous lean, michael williams continues to show us how it's done....

How do tie a Monkey's Fist knot.
What?  You know you should know how to do this.


new dinner plates...