MC & HNY Everyone!

in a way only the bumble can say...

see you in the new year!

Shots from the November Show

The Santa Cruz Sea Glass & Ocean Art Festival photos.

This almost didn't happen;  things went south right before the event - it took some luck to make it happen.  Added to the shenanigan's at work leading up to the thing - Santa Cruz is an hour south of where I live - I had lost "my ride" and wasn't sure how I was going to get there...  but, the cavalry showed up in the 11th hour.  I do have some bad ass friends.

I had the the display built for the cups, the bench was lent to me from an old cookhouse shed - the thing is probably 40yrs old, and the little yellow cabinet I got for $25 at a local flea market (SCORE!).  There's a grim story in all that, but it's now not worth the and learn.

I didn't have time to really plan or set the booth display up in advance or see the space so it was a total gamble and I think it worked.

I've been trying to get "green" in how I work in my studio, present my work and the packing I use.  I did not use any plastic, I've migrated to glass for all my slip and glaze and recycle my clay either to the local studio or for my own use.  So, going forward, all my packing materials are recycled and recyclable, down to the tape!  I'm also stoked that the entire display was built of recycled and re-purposed furniture and materials.  

This gal here in the last picture is Krista Hammond the show promoter and organizer.  I'd do any show she ever puts together.  This is an insanely organized and well orchestrated event.
I look forward to next year.

Check out her jewelry here:  Krista Hammond - Santa Cruz Sea Glass 
her work is gorgeous; it was featured in The Emmy's gift bag this year!

I took the plunge

My new ETSY Shoppe.

I welcome all input and feedback and tips and pointers.  I just did not realize the depth of Etsy-esque things I need to find out about and learn.

Happily, I did have a successful end of year with sales and don't have a dearth of inventory.  I did have a goal of getting this up and running before year end and,,,,well, I have.

It literally took me all day to get it up and list my modest 7 pieces!  I do have more work to photograph and list.  It's fun but takes time.  I especially don't know my way around so the learning curve is a tad steep!

ETSY veterans, please let leave some comments here or on facebook...friend me if you haven't already.  I'm doing my best to mine for information - but input by those that have gone before me is greatly appreciated!!

fun times ahead.  


Cups of love on top
Orange Dream cups- peek at pieces made for the Fourth & Clay DESSERT show coming up on Thursday, Dec 8
Blue Navigator Cups
and couple action shots from happy purchasers!