One of my mer girls in her new home!
I have never experienced the luxury of an entire kiln firing where every piece WORKS! YAY! It is a big deal. Other artists may not have that much trouble firing; but I've had a glaze firing learning curve to put it kindly. In fact, I've found that it sometimes happens in waves - two or three firings in a row - where things are problematic for me. Each firing a new issue or problem. Frustrating.

This morning, before work, I emptied the thing and as I pulled out piece after piece; I was just super stoked - every one worked exactly how I wanted them to work - I don't know what I did right this time; but it's real good. Real Good.

I kiss the feet of the god SKUTT and PG&E.


this is impressive

WOW. WOW. WOW. This guy's work is a stunner! Go here to see more.

I was just rooting around for reclaimed siding for the aforementioned studio project, this is what I found.

full frontal

To Studio or not to Studio?

I've been asking myself this for a few years now; I've shared space in the past, borrowed space, made whatever I had work and it's all been fine. I like being part of a studio community and I like working on my own - that's the recluse insomniac talking. I currently work out of Skyline's ceramic studio, Tiffany Schmierer's program. It's a super fantastic space. I've also been near the top of the locker list at Ruby's for a while too. Ruby's is a wonderful community of artists and has a nice gallery space; I have great friends there and it's always filled with lively, interesting & curious people. And, there was the opportunity at Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica for a space that was half a classroom. Huge. Nice light. Great price. BUT, I couldn't have my kiln in my space and that was the deal breaker.

I also work out of my my home (are you getting the picture yet?). I have a wheel, a kiln and a garage and dining room table and a ridiculously beautiful ocean view - there are definite +'s - it's just a little awkward and cramped. I am feeling the need for a dedicated work space and a dedicated salad eating space.

Why not build a studio (glorified shed) in the yard with FULL FRONTAL OCEAN VIEW! Simple. Modern. Comfortable. That's the plan anyway - the reality may be a tad different.

These drawings show what I'm thinking of; I think it could be expensive to have these silly ideas.

...can of worms, can oh worms, for sure :)


I found this picture a long time ago. It's something I keep going to back to time and again. I just love this piece and wish I knew who did it and where it is.

I am currently not doing any sculpture work (I miss it) to focus on making functional ware for the shows I am doing in the fall. I'm a snail; I think I must be the slowest ceramic artist on the planet and I can't seem to go fast enough to keep up with the ideas.

I love that she looks like an Amazon Mermaid. Thinking about future mer's; I want to make some 'coral reef' mermaids; bright, colorful, bling-y. I'd also like to make a "picasso-esque" mermaid; you know, a boob in your eyeball type of thing...

a tad ironical

since we're on the subject: here is a dude who had the 'audacity' to actually try something new, the nerve...and it's FAHREEKING out the surfers!


I recently had a chance to try out a board from Mandala; now I really see the NEED of having more than one board. These boards are gorgeous.
g o t t o g e t o n e

Surf, you'll be happy you did!

call for artists

Sanchez Art Center issued a call for artists in all media in case you want to take a bite out of that.


Great design, products and style. Definitely, check out UHURU, If you are planning on investing in beautifully crafted handmade furniture - well worth a look.

my camera has died and spawned a spending spree

My little camera-that-could has taken it's last picture. In last night's insomniac adventuretime fun (my secret life), I killed the thing. I tried to take pictures of some new work. The camera made this little squeaky squirrelly sound trying to open the shutter door - too weak. I helped it open the shutter door, but that pushed it over the edge. I took a couple pictures; it would focus for a second and then when I pushed the button, well, it would just give up and turn into a blurry mess. I guess hitting the camera on the table a few times helped. The pictures blurred out so much it looked like all those accidental thumb pictures I've taken.

It's the place that's said to break
It's just as safe from the outside Tonight
And I warned them

face the storms at the tides
From the lighthouse

And I warned them
Unleash the storm and the night

What do the waves have to say now?
What do the waves have to say now?

Slow down
And let the waves have their way now
and let the waves
Have their day

And I warned them
Here I've been living

On roofs made from sin
I put an outward,
Begin, begin.

Here I've been lucid
I'm living within
Inwardly urgent
And sinking again

The lighthouse
- Interpol

of course, this is the least liked interpol song - i love the thing

feet first...

I stumbled upon this today - completely random; I can't help it; i love feets pictures.

These just happen to belong to strangers; strangers feets. weird, yes. weirdly fun, yes.

No. 1

No. 1
She has a wonky eye...

No. 3

No. 3 (and yes, I do need a photographer and an iron)

No. 10

Meet No. 10.
I am clearly trying to work something out; pissed off smirky faces, porn boobs and they are usually knocked up. Good to see the therapy is working.
Friends of mine have a man and wife mermaid set in the front yard; we'll just say the merman is quite pleased with the boobjob I did on his wife!

clay (and glass) happenings

Sharon Virtue
Shelley Simon
Barbara Vanderbeck

three really good reasons to go.

day at the beach

It is so super cheesy to say I like long walks on the beach, but I do. It's a part of my daily life, I LOVE the beach, the sea. I am always there, and I feel it if I miss a day. It is like a ritual for me, a meditation. I have had surreal and sublime experiences, weird experiences, bad experiences, beautiful, peaceful and joyous experiences.
The other day I was walking the dogs and some dumbass fisherman left his three baited hooks just laying around on the beach. My dog IS a super genius, but even he was surprised when he went for that yummy little baitfish and got a fish hook through his lip. A FISH HOOK all the way hooked through his lip that I had to 'remove' because it was HOOKED THROUGH. Christ.
So, let's just say I was a "tad" upset at said dumb ASS. We had a 'talk'. I am sure he was sure about never leaving baited hooks laying about on the beach.

I came here to tell of the bells
that live in the sea
that dream of the sea
Within the sea.
Thus I live here.

- Neruda

get your TSUNG on!

Shirley's work - this recent work - is really fab. There is a feeling of real energy there, something substantial, and an elegance and sublety that comes across in her design sense and style. It's so inspiring to see her push, experiment and expand her ideas, there is a constant evolving quality to her work. It's exciting to see that in an artist and friend. At the same time you feel a lightness in her work, a freshness and beautiful simplicity that makes it easy to wear her pieces. Keep your eye on her - she's going to be a star!
Shirley Tsung is a friend and jewelry artist of note. You can find out more about her here ; get to know her.


Tiffany and I were talking ceramics recently, and she serves me up some Susan Beiner. Tiffany saw Susan's show at NCECA recently in Phoenix. This work is facinating, opulent, chaotic, and all with a sense of balance and order. It reminds me of classic porcelain designs from the 16th and 17th centuries with a decidedly modern almost futuristic aesthetic.

Looking at these pieces as an admirer of art is stimulation enough! I'm blown away and I am compelled to look again and get lost in them. Looking at them as a ceramicist makes me almost start hyper-ventilating. It is overwhelming in it's scale, the amount of work, it's assembly, firing, glazing, I could go on and on; I mean, the time it takes me to make a ridiculous little bowl and BOOM! here is this literal acre of multisized pieces all cleanly, beautifully put together and glazed! Christ.

Even if it isn't something you like, it's impossible not to admire the beauty in the effort, design and execution. Fabulous.

At any rate; check it out here

where the rubber meets the road

I have had a lot of people asking me about these shoes; here's the low-down:

Buy them here

I will say THANK YOU rubbershoe designer for making some maryjane-y stylish-y design-y goodness! I am a big fan of the maryjane and what's great about these shoes is they have a little height on them, they are super comfy and fairly inexpensive. We've come a long way from the croc.

edith heath

Thanks to my Heath Monthly/June 2009 - here is a link to view a slideshow for an exhibition featuring the Tabletop Modernist; Edith Heath at the Pasadena Museum of California Art


a place to go this SATURDAY

This studio is a super fantastical place. These three girls have really got it going on! It's beautiful work. I guarantee you will be inspired.
GO. BUY. SUPPORT LOCAL ARTS. I'm not kidding.
Visit the Fourth&Clay Studio here

i came across something beautiful

photo - Poras Chaudhary

festival of holi

Holi was originally a spring festival of fertility and harvest. Now it also marks some Hindu legends, which provide some of the ingredients for the celebrations. Holi is an ancient festival which is referred to in the 7th century Sanskrit drama, Ratnaval.

what to make of it?

One of my clay piles...a reminder of things to come.

I use found objects often in my work. The little starfish guy on the left was found on my local beach. The gray shell (I think they call those bivalves) is from the west coast of New Zealand. The four mollusks-y shells (they may all be mollusks) come from the Bay of Tasman in New Zealand, the other bits are from the North Coast of California.

I just started making these little bowls that seat in your hand - unless you have goliath sized hands in which case I'd like to date you. Nice and round and simple; ice cream anyone?

nick (not the singer) cave

Please don't miss this exhibition at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. These pieces are so amazing and loaded with inspiration.
Honestly, after seeing these pictures, how can you resist?!

Visit Sat, Mar 28 thru Sun, Jul 5 2009, 12 pm YBCA Galleries

Btw, not to be overlooked; Nick (the singer, actor) Cave. I'm a fan.
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds