Cheese knives !!  6-8" in length.
I'm listing these in my Etsy shop as made to order.

I've been working on some new utensil pieces all with driftwood handles.
So, much more where that came from.

find them:
Etsy Shop
my Facebook page

visitors, followers; I need a couple minutes of your time...

I have applied for the Chase/Livesocial Grant.  In order for me to be considered as a candidate for this grant, I need YOUR VOTE.  I need your support!   
It takes about 2 minutes, there is no obligation, voting is anonymous... the deadline is June 30.  I'm 3/4 way there!  I'd love to see what's on the other side of the first round!

**Please note that voting is tied to your Facebook login.  

click here to case your vote.

1. click learn more
2. click on support
3. scroll down to box; type in Linda Fahey Ceramics, California, Pacifica, and hit VOTE!
4. Hit share to post it to your wall in Facebook.

This grant would allow me to open a studio/retail facility - I would be able to afford a gas kiln as well as any additional equipment it will take to launch me to the next level where a sustainable career is possible!  You can read HERE for more info on me and what I'd like to do if I qualify for this grant.

Linda Fahey Ceramics Facebook page


The Artful Life blog mention

the ship on the sea bowl was featured today on the artful life blog
Neat-O !  And a great blog, too.  So nice to find new and fun blogs.
here's the link.  
to the sea, curated craft
thanks, Bronwyn!

blue/green/waves on the rocks

small blue/green rocks glass.   holds a tad over 16oz.

here's what goes nicely with this:

Shot of tequila
2 fresh squeezed limes.  If you can get key limes - you are beyond good!
splash of agave
splash of st. germain
Toss all + ice in a shaker and shake it all around...


forget the salt, gets in the way... 

I know it's only Monday.  whatever.  

Back to basics

I like this best.  Simple, no colour.  I battle with thinking I need add something to it, and I do add colour here and there to some work.  Still, I like this best.  When I see this it makes me happy.

I think of parchment, old velum maps, soft leather, scrimshaw, pen and sepia ink, even daguerreotypes.  yep.  I like it.  

An interview and thanks to Jesse Lu on Mudbucket

At the helm of the Mudbucket is Jesse Lu.  Before she flew off to new and fabulous adventures in the grand south west, she lived in SF and we became friends.  I had long before that followed her blog Mudbucket.  All of you know, a great blog on the clay arts.

We recently spent a few days in conversation, she had some questions for me and she is running that interview today on Mudbucket.  These things make me a bit nervy - but she has amazing insight, is a really strong interviewer, and had good, really good questions.  It was an enjoyable experience.

I've never been interviewed?!

I fear it may be a tad long, but there you have it, it's out there . . .

Jesse Lu's Mudbucket Blog

Mark Errol !!!

I've been asleep at the wheel.  Mark Errol.  See selection of links to more photos of his work.
This stuff is has energy.  I love it.  And the guy, by all appearances, seem to be a real character.
Go see for yourself.

mark errol website
Flickr set

Horror Vacui Opening at the Pence

Tiffany Schmierer and Sharon Virtue are literally the two most influential people in my life.  Both have been amazing mentors and friends.   They have guided, influenced and inspired me from two vastly different angles and styles, yet as you can see their work, there are some significant style references to one another and there is a compliment in the overlap of their work.   I met Sharon in Jan of 2006 and Tiffany a short time after that.

The show opening was an interesting and mixed with so many converging aspects - sounds about right for a show entitled "Horror Vacui",  Art imitating life.   There was another show up in in the "big" room called "Slice".  Some nice work, I was technically not allowed to take photos, but in the show was Shenny Cruces masters work.  I took photos (shhh), but I'm not posting them because they look so flat.  Shenny's piece is literally glorious and deserves at least a decent representation, my photos are indecent - hahaha!   I had a chance to see part of Shenny's piece at a past CCACA, but not in it's full glory.  And it is glorious, grand, beautiful, nostalgic, modern, incredibly detailed and lush.   I looked at it over and over, over again.  Really, it stole the show.

We've been waiting for this for about a year.  And both shows were great; I wouldn't have missed Tiff and Sharon's, and it was nice to see Shenny.  But, for me there was a tinge of sadness there.  Of course, I'm projecting, but it was there and resonated with me. I didn't notice it at first, but did after as I downloaded photos and thought about it.  Shenny...and she looked so beautiful.  Also, Sharon's off on on another big adventure - she's famous for adventure;  moving to the UK for a couple years to pursue her Masters.  I'll miss her.  She is the most vibrant light I know.   Honestly, you could live a couple lives and I don't think you'd meet anyone like her.   There is great change for her; she just moved out of her home/studio of 15 years, recently married,  and off to a very different life.  I'm super excited for her and of course, need to find a way to get to London - a place I love!   And, for me, a lot's changed, my whole work is a "WIP".  I will likely not be going back to Skyline, where my crew is, we've scattered a bit to the four winds.  I didn't make it up to Davis' CCACA this last year because I was ill, first time in five years.  I've held on to the idea I can still go to Skyline because it's a home base for me, my fellow studio mates are there, Tiffany is there, these guys are my creative family.  But, really, the time is right for me to let go and focus all my energy and attention on my own work/studio/business.  So yeah, there you have it.

You know when you can almost see that some thing, a time, something significant to you.. well, you can tell that it's ending.  It's not at all bad, in fact, the other side of that ending as you know is a beginning.   Excitement.  Possibility.  Opportunity.  So as a thing, or "a time" ends in your life it's likely something new has already started, but you're still a bit attached to what was, you are still looking back.  Well, that's what my experience was....
So, there's sadness that precedes an end and excitement for what's up ahead.
Saying goodbye to friends and seeing them off.


p.s. The good news is Sharon & I are doing Renegade in LA end July.  Before the goodbyes, there'll be a road trip and a second wedding.  How great is that!  

tonights walk

I live in a very beautiful place, rain or shine.

Summer/Fall events

Life on the coast; Saturday was fog down to the ground...sunny in San Francisco, but a sloggy mess here on the coast  a l l  day.  Sunday - clear and utterly spectacular.   Today...rain.  We get it all....every day.

So here we are in June; we are on the verge of summer.  And for me, it's hit the ground running time.  Sadly, there won't be much in-the-water neck is giving me trouble, and I have a lot on my plate.  Though, I might sneak in an stand up session here and there!  The water is the best thing - it washes off things you didn't even know were on you.

Here is what's queuing up for me through the end of the year:  I have some new product development projects I'm working on for a retailer.  I'll post more as I get more timelines and actual pieces in progress.   I'm working on some more driftwood pieces, and in addition to the scoop, some fun utensil ideas.  For some reason, I'm all over the kitchen utensil thing.

I'm working on some select pieces that will be featured at Small Stump/Studio Choo in SF in August.  Go Nautical themes!  The gals at Studio Choo are also working on a little side project I'm going to have a piece in - more on that soon!

I'll be making and selling work this weekend, JUNE 9 at Cavallo Point  The shop at Cavallo Point will also be selling my work starting in July!  yay!

Renegade LA is on the menu - July - I'll be sharing a booth with my friend and major talent Sharon Virtue  
Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival - September 15&16.
Santa Cruz Sea Glass & Ocean Art Festival   - third year doing this show and it's always a pleasure!
Madrigalli Market - 5th year in a row - a great event for me!

more info to come on dates, etc.


Chase/Livesocial Small Business Grant Application = SUCCESS DEPENDS ON VOTES !!

This came up because I voted for KYLER Jewellry in San Francisco.  The info came up on Facebook.  I looked at the application process and decided to just go for it.

Here's why I decided to apply:  I left the corporate world after 18+ years last August.  Frankly, I don't want to go back.  A lot has happened over the course of this last year.  The most important thing is the ability to do my work as a full time job instead of a second full time job ;-))  I did that for many years.   It's hard work, and not without it's challenges.  I have learned so much it's mind boggling.  I've worked harder at this than any job I've ever had.  I love it.  I don't want to do anything else,  I'd like to make it work and build on it.

Recently I have gotten involved with a major retailer and I believe some good things will come out of that for me.  Here's the thing; I have been operating out of my house, the same space, with the same equipment for over 5 years now - and it's served me very well !!  This grant would allow me the ability to get a bigger kiln,  maybe two. and some additional equipment which I know will improve my working process and subsequently improve my work.

The side note to all of this is for a few years now I have said "I want to open a shop in town".   I've mostly said it to myself, but recently I've been pitching the idea to some friends.  Of course, my dream is that I find a super cute store front in Pacifica, where I live, and create studio space with up front gallery/retail space where I can sell my work.  And even more importantly, also - I'm committed to promoting the work of others.  I'd like to continue to do that.  I believe a beautiful space with amazing work is not only possible, but needed.  As far as the Pacifica angle, it's a cute town with a lot of potential.  It feels like the town is hitting an upsurge, getting into a growth phase.  There is one gift shop, it's a good one!  I sell my work there.  But there is room for more.  I think it's good for our town.  I believe it helps boost the energy and gets people here.  I'd like to be able to do my work, sell it, sell other great artists and also create a successful business in my community.  Even help promote other small business owners who want to make a start.  Pacifica is 15-20 minutes south of San Francisco on the coast.  Yeah, yeah, it's foggy.  We have a "Fog Fest", but there's plenty of sun too...and the ocean.  We have a lot of open space and a surf culture growing by the minute.  I'd think creating a unique and interesting place - art centric - is good for my community as well as providing me with a new awesome career.  When I've talked about what I want to do - people are usually on board right away.

What's held me back; capital!

That's where Chase Bank/Livingsocial small business grant comes in.  I just had to go for it !

I can imagine there are so many people who have applied for this grant.  I am just one, many probably much better applicants with just as much vision and energy to make their business take flight.   If I had a chance at this award I'd be incredibly lucky, I get that!   and the hard work would be just beginning...

I need votes to qualify and the more votes the better - Also, I applied late and only have until JUNE 30 .  Please support my bid!

VOTE HERE -  log in with your Facebook login info and follow the prompts.
Enter LINDA FAHEY CERAMICS and then PACIFICA for city.