bloggin on down the line

Hi.  How are you guys?

I haven't been here for a while.  In fact, a long while.  I have been spending way too much time in the fast paced communication super highway loved and hated by all . . . facebook.

There were a few reasons for my 'vacation' from blogging.  First one being I spent a lot of time writing this blog at my old job, desk job.  I had that kind of time; all day to kill kind of time sitting at a desk.  That changed drastically once I started working for myself, at home.  Secondly, I went for the quick fix facebook/pinterest scenario - short bursts of interaction which seemed to fit what was happening for me this last year.  The third reason; I was not able to talk about the process/project I was working on with Anthropologie over this last year.  It was part of the agreement.  A lost opportunity in my opinion.  But there you are.  I miss you blog.  I miss you blogger community, blog world.  I do.

I'm still processing all that happened before, during and right now,  after Anthro.

Whatever my thoughts - it's out there, the catalog came out this month.   The photo layout is beautiful.  More than I expected or could have imagined.
I wish I could talk about it with you guys.   I learned so much.  And, I've experienced quite a range of response.  And I realized just how much I have yet to learn.  whew.  Anyway . . . on we go.

In other news, coming out in April - "The Flower Recipe Book" will be out.  You can find it here.
Lucky me, and some friends, were approached by the Studio Choo gals to use our vessels for shots in the book.  Kind of cool.  Keep your eyes on the Studio Choo gals.  Big things up ahead.

In the book:
Vince Montague
Sharon Virtue
and some other local ceramic artists
I hope you'll check it out.

ps. I hope to start swimming with the fishes more often.