Work in progress

a few pieces in varying stages of process.  I've done a little figurative work, a little, and I've some ideas about where I'd like to take this; only I'm not sure exactly where that is and how to get there just yet - so a lot of these early on pieces are me trying to find my way.  It's also been a process of learning 'clay engineering'.  I like that part a lot - learning how to build and problem solve to get to your target.  and defy gravity! ha!

pics taken with my new camera!  yay.  I don't have a clue yet how to use the thing, but I'm learning bits here and there.  I can't say much for my photographic talents except the pictures are better than an iPhone!

High Five to Jesse's MudBucket!

One of my favorite blogs "Jesse Lu's Mudbucket" got a mention in an article in Clay Times!  NICE!  Jesse is so energetic and her blog is a real inspiration!  Actually, there was a list of blogs sited in the article - Mudbucket being one of them.  Check out the post here and if you haven't been following Jesse's blog - get on that.

It's nice to be recognized! Congrats to Jesse Lu!   It's also great that more and more blogs are becoming more mainstream and inspiring new blogs to pop up.  A couple new ones to check out are Jennifer Brazelton's "Bumpy & Shiny"  and Michelle Gregor's new blog "Windytree" 

Brian Kakas

I keep staring at that first picture.  This scale feels like an altered reality, maybe I'm tired today.  I find this work interesting in how it reads construction - but it has organic flow and movement darting in and out of a very constrained presence.  Interesting.  And it's got this underground glorified plumbing feel to me (that's not a bad thing).  What lies's mysterious.

liking it!

Brian Kakas 

New vases

I made a few new vases this weekend.  I wanted to try out some ideas; so I made a small bunch to work out whether the ideas were worthwhile.  I gave the tar paper a go with the larger piece and it works like a champ!

In my sculptural world right now, I'm working on heads that will have flowers and bits in their hair, so I'm all about flower decor right now.  Spring?, what can I say.  And just in time for Mother's Day.  I have a sale in the next few weeks I need to make some work for and then CCACA and then a Vase show at Fourth & Clay.  Feeling the pressure right now.  

You know me

AKAR's 2011 Yunomi Invitational is up and the little beauties are literally going like hotcakes....

GO.  quick!

Ruan Hoffman

Ruan Hoffman is a genius.  Truly.  To take the simple 'pot', the safety of the ceramic medium and so deftly create a narrative that draws you completely in - total command, total power - brilliant!

would love to see the show in NY!

Ruan Hoffman 

the fabulousness of Kathy Ruttenberg

I remember Kathy's work at Natsoulas CCACA 2010 - I have never forgotten those pieces.  All shots per Kathy's beautiful website; I hight recommend a visit.  I've only pulled out a tiny drop of what she has for you to see.

Very inspiring work; like a breath of fresh air!!

Kathy Ruttenberg

How to compose popular songs that will sell

he's back.......thank god.  So, so,,,,,,,,so good.  his voice a salve.
bob geldof on his return to music - wsj blog.

The Ornamentalist

I follow a great blog called The Ornamentalist written by Lynn Rutter an ornamental painter located in San Francisco.

She did a post today about the doors of Prague.  I had to share.  I love Prague and I love doors, of all shapes an sizes from rickety to beautiful to vain-glorious.  

Swing.  Slam.  Open.  Close.  Who's at the door?  the metaphoric genius of the simple door...however, there is nothing simple about the doors of Prague.  The Europeans have certainly mastered "the door' beyond all measure.

PUBLIC GLASS Artists and Artisans Auction 2011

below is another picture of Oben Abright's work in the poster...impressive, indeed!
Great event, great work, great cause.  Public Glass is a dynamic local studio!

I've been to a few of the Hot Glass/Cold Beer demo events over the years.  These are usually weekend evening events where they open up the studio and have visiting artists come in and do what always turns out to be glass 'performance' art.  There is an entry fee to get in and that includes choosing a hand blown glass made by many of the artists in the studio that you keep.  There is beer, food, music, art and if you can get a good spot, the place is packed, there is molten glass being pulled and moved through the crowds being turned into some glass art before your eyes and the energy in the studio is exciting and passionate!

definitely a good night out.

Public Glass

Susannah Israel Workshop/Solo Exhibition at Black Bean

Susannah Israel; New Work Solo Exhibition and Workshop at Black Bean Studio

Artist Lecture and Workshop, Saturday April 2 9:00am - 5:00pm

Exhibition Show Opening: Saturday, April 2 6:30 - 9:30pm

561 Emory Street

San Jose, CA 95110


I find Susannah's work very moving.  When I look at it, study it, take it in; every single time, I am transported.  

If you are within a doable distance; if not attending the workshop - please make a point to see her work.  

Here's the other neat-O thing; Black Bean Ceramic Studio is relatively new - I've not heard of it to now - I love checking out new clay enclaves !   

New head and a bit of good news

Here is a new mega hair...and very "in progress"
I'm not even sure of the direction I'm going in with this one yet...which is the fun and exasperating at the same time.

Oh, Hey, GOOD NEWS!  well, good news for my blog pals - I finally got a 'real' camera (though you wouldn't be able to tell from these pictures - taken in the damp room at 10 last night with my iPhone!).

The big idea: picture quality will hopefully improve by a 100 miles.   And, let me say thanks to everyone who continue to visit my blog, tolerating my craptastic iPhone pictures!   In an effort to sharpen up my blog (and take nice pics on my trip to Ireland this year ) I've finally graduated to an entry level DSLR!  woo! yeah! hoo!

this ought to be good!

My upcoming events

Michelle Gregor is doing a talk at CCACA this year.

In order of appearance:

Clay Creations 2nd Annual Open Studio - April 15 7-10pm (party time!)
& Sat April 16 Studio Pottery Sale 10am -5pm

CCACA in Davis - I've been working on the mega heads & hairdos for this show...hoping one of them fits the bill!  Super exciting lineup this year of artists demos, talks and shows.  

Fourth & Clay Mother's Day Vase Show/Seconds Sale - I was invited to participate in this and I'm sure it will be a packed as the Cup Invitational was in December.  

uh, I need to get to work! 

Syd Carpenter

I am in awe.  Visit Syd's website HERE - you'll find more pictures of her work.
I believe she will be at NCECA this year doing a demo or a talk - you lucky NCECA attenders!

Jay Mercado Sketch Exhibit

Jay Mercado opened his studio this last Saturday to showcase some of his sketches from the daily sketch ritual he has been doing for over ten years.   It was fantastic!   There was an ocean of small sketches hung on the wall in a collage - a collage that spanned over a decade.  Most work is on 3x5 plain white cards, but some were on large format tickets, small round pieces of paper, cardboard paper, even paint chip samples (some of my favorites) many black and white, some with splashes of color.  Each a tiny world; the detail staggering.   Each represents a morning somewhere in Jay's history, representing a place, thoughts, feelings, emotion - a personal journey.  Ask Jay about a particular drawing and he'll tell you where he was and what was happening in his life - often he'll laugh to himself remembering pieces of the memory he wants to keep to himself.

Around his studio is evidence of how much sketching is part of his connection to his work and life.  It's so inspiring; really inspiring.  Jay will tell you it's a meditation; I agree.  It roots you in your life.  Drawing is so much about looking at something, and looking again.  Some people write, Jay writes in vignettes that tell a 1000 stories.

Every time I have every talked with Jay and Teresa I leave energized and inspired.  The studio was buzzing.

Jay is going to open again this coming Saturday - Go check out the show, meet and talk with Jay and Teresa and of course, have a cookie!

Jay Mercado
Sketch Show Encore

toshiko takaezu

toshiko takaezu passed away yesterday in Hawaii - a giant in the ceramic world!

the earth in bloom
a video interview

re:Union show - Tiffany Schmierer: Karie Hovey: Bohdanna Kesala

Mark your calendars folks
OPENING: Saturday March 26 7-10pm
Exhibition open March 23 - 30

This will be a feast for the eyes.  

Susan O'Byrne

I've been reading some of the million clay blogs I follow and seeing Susan O'Byrne pop up re: Ceramic Art London recently.  Here are a few pics from her website - isn't this work amazing!  I just love the paws, the surface, that for me, references landscapes, maps, but conjures torn paper, collage and textiles.  Brilliant!

visit her website for more
Susan O'Byrne

more hair madness

oh, the smell of Aquanet in the morning!

paper cut project - loving!
michael lucero
misty gamble
wacky model - unknown source
christina cordova