lucky me, lucky me, lucky, lucky, lucky MEEE!

Sharon Virtue's work speaks for itself and it has a lot to say. Sharon is a creative TOUR du FORCE, to put it lightly. She is like a "creativity freight train. I met her while she was working on a project as the artist in residence at the De Young Museum. I showed up to help her out with some mosaic stuff and here we are; and boy, the impact has been great!
Her work is so layered, original, so wild and free. It's ingenius. She is not afraid to go for it and put it out there. Her work is fantastic in form, shape, idea, color; I am always inspired by her, always motivated and excited by ceramics when I see what she is doing.
Sharon is always ahead of the rest of us; she is always full of surprises...

Tiffany Schmierer. I met Tiffany at a workshop at Ruby's a few years ago. She had started teaching up at Skyline College. Lucky me. The minute I heard that, I was bound for Skyline, no questions asked. I got it right away; I got how fortunate I was to have access to her as a teacher and now she was going to be right in my backyard. She has had a huge impact on me and continues to be a powerful inspiration.
Teachers. Friends. Inspiration. Influences.