dreaming of friday

still thinking of last friday...it was GLORIOUS - and we spent all day at the beach!

a not farmer

do you know where baby corn comes from?
....it comes from crappy farmers - that's where. We invented the things.
The months of tending, watering, talking to the corn, watching it grow; you work hard, and what do you get...a tiny little lame ass corn and what do you do? Well, what else can you do; you call it a "baby" corn....to cover up your mistake. Babies are cute, right? You just tell your friends you 'tried' to grow a baby corn. And why is it you can only grow a 'baby corn'? Well, let me tell you why - because YOU ARE A CRAP PEE FAR MER. crappy. face it;
a Not-farmer.

mermaid on the brain...

taking it all in...

more inspiration

vrikshaka - the hindu tree goddess

Indra - 16th century - Nepal
I've got mermaids on my mind again; time to get back to creating some new pieces; these are some forms I'm enamored with at the moment...


wall of plates; Basel, Switzerland

for a ceramic artist and 'former' mosaic artist - this is like crack.

Madrigalli Market 2009

Madrigalli Market
November 21&22
at the Pacifica Firehouse

Last year's event was SUPER FUN and a great success!
join us again this year for
fun, art, food & wine
if you are interested in more information about this show or any events I am participating in this year; send me note at azureoceanview@gmail.com



Master bath - 6x12 glass tile from Australia and Bisazza mosaic blend; there is a green marble on the floor

Guest Bath - Bright Green Bisazza mosaic blend, a grey limestone on the floor and cream limestone lines the walls floor to ceiling.

This is a Wasabi green concrete counter top made by Sonoma Cast - a fabulous company making the best quality concrete surfaces.

I realized in visiting the house that it really deserves a great camera - someone who knows how to use one properly and some staging. So, here are my crappy flybytheseatofmypants pictures (I will spare you the pic with the toilette seat up- mayday); I will hopefully get some 'professional' photos taken in future. I'm really proud of this project and I'd like to see some good pictures too!

The details in the work on this house were amazing and deserve a good look. The process of remodeling and redoing your home is a daunting one; there are literally 1000's of decisions to be made over a long time and after spending a ton of money; and of course every one of them is critical to the final outcome, but it is so easy to want the thing to just be over especially if it goes on for a long time. I work very hard to ensure that THEE best decisions are made for the client and the house and to keep the morale of the thing going.

The last decisions are the ones everyone sees in the end - they are the most important and they are also the ones being made often when the client is just tired of making decisions; bad combination.

moral of the story: if you're doing a remodel of significance - get a grip; realize what you're getting yourself into, do your homework and don't lose it near the end. really. follow through most especially at the end; if you don't; that's when bad things happen....the last thing you want to feel after a long ass project is that you would do things over again.

couple things

I had the great pleasure of doing design consulting working with the owner of this house and the contracter to who built it; I have a few pictures and I will post more about it soon...

I took a ride this weekend to visit with the owner and see the house; I hadn't seen it for at least 6+ months. It's a great feeling to go back to a project I spent over a year on and feel just as happy and good about my decisions as I did then. I like to operate as a collaborative team with the owner and in this case it couldn't have been better! Fabulous project, great results and the owner said to me she wouldn't change one thing.

They wanted to get a spread in Sunset Mag and she turned them down!

One of my neighbors is a landscape artist and designer; she asked me if I'd be interested in doing a balinese/indonesian sculpture for her garden and she will work on my backyard as a trade; what did I say to that? SIGN ME UP!

I am just starting to gather up some imagery to help me work on my design - I'll definitely be posting about this one...super excited!

that's it for today; we're deep in the monday action

continued friday nonsense

me and my feets traversing new zealand.

I have friday brain...

for the love of feets

these here are Angela's feets and that cute little tiny pup is her trusty sidekick Nora Benson.
You know I love feets pictures; at least I know these feet.

super pup wants a date with tiny pup...

since we're on the subject...

another one popped up for a visit. this is turning into a 'situation'...

love rocks

I've been finding a lot of these lately; what do you think it means?

...is it a sign from gawd?


open for business!

small plates

couple examples of small plates

some new pieces.
Spent much of the weekend on studio stuff; building shelving, getting my music piped in, got the couch in and general organizing.
If I wasn't so tired; I would be SUPER EXCITED!
We're on for friday studio nights - visit, eat, drink and make stuff. Even my mom wants to come over and make dinner plates for her house...how great is that? Almost as good as when my dad walked in and said: "wow, that mural is - uh, well, it's different" "It's definitely different".
It was worth it just for that.

sent this little platter off to Boulder, CO; thanks Susan you're an awesome customer!

thursday's segment of the shed show

Hey, wouldn't it be fun if HGTV did a show called "the shed show" - they can go all over the US in that special HGTV kind of way and profile wacky folks and their sheds. Ok, well, I'd really like to see what other wackadoodles are doing.
why not? I might get some ideas.

uh, a word about facebook; it's been fun - I admit it. It is one clunky interface - but once you get good a mazes you eventually find the piece of cheese.

2009 Kahuna Kapuna

Happening Saturday Aug 15 7am - 5pm.
My friend Candace of Beachstring handmade mobiles and chimes - will be hanging out promoting her goods at the Kahuna Kapuna Surf Contest at Linda Mar Beach.
This the 8th Year Kahuna Kapuna has been on; lot's of people, surfing, the beach; food, fun; what more can you ask for?
Do a sun dance.

American Craft Council Show this weekend in SF

the America Craft Council Show is this weekend at Fort Mason Center Herbst and Festival Pavilions.

DATES AND SHOW HOURS Friday, August 14 (10am - 8pm)

Saturday, August 15 (10am - 6 pm)
Sunday, August 16 (10 am - 5 pm)
ADMISSION$12 per person$18 two-day pass
SPECIAL FRIDAY EVENING ADMISSION: $5 after 5pm (not to be combined with other offers)Children 12 and under freeAmerican Craft Council members FREE.

coastal living

One day it's like this....

The next day it's like this....

and we love it.

on this segment of the shed show

didn't get that far this weekend. Almost there - hope to finish this week and be OPEN FOR BUSINESS by next weekend!

I hope the polyurethane will work okay with the sharpie action!

today on the shed show

Today I started getting the floor going in the studio; I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to do. I had a couple ideas. If I have part of an idea at the beginning, I will generally run with it and wing the rest. It is super fun to see where it may lead - BUT, it can be maddening if you feck it up , things can go very wrong in the 'winging-it' portion, but, hey, cheap thrills!
OK, I just described my general approach to life; which explains just about everything, Oh, well, whatever....
Listen, stay tuned for the next installment of 'the shed show'.