Katsuyo Aoki

Jenn Brazelton sent me a link to Katsuyo's "Predictive Dreams" series.   I won't bore you with fumbling for words to talk about this.  Visit HERE and take time to look - also read the artist statement, it's exceptionally well written.


Hello Linda, 
Congratulations - you have been accepted to the 2011 Santa Cruz Sea Glass & Ocean Art festival!

We had an overwhelming amount of applications this year, with 55 artists and only 36 spaces.
Each artist application was categorized according to medium and viewed by a 5 panel jury. Points were awarded according to originality, photo quality, technique, and overall artistic quality. It was a very tough decision for us.


The coldest summer is the summer I spent in San Francisco...

I've been off the grid.  I spent 10 days in Gualala, CA and stayed with my boyfriend at his family home.  I had never been to Gualala until recently and this trip was my second.  The real gift, and there were many. was that there is no signal.  ZERO reception.  No iphone.  No computer.  No blog.  NO Facebook!  It's so exacting that when you cross into "no signal country" you now have no choice but to cross into "no signal country".   In our world, it's a lot like crossing "to the other side".  It can be a very scary thing.  There is little or no thought at all to even trying to find a signal.  I was a little bummed at myself that I was back "on" almost as soon as I had access - but I did value the time off and it did illustrate how much time and energy is devoted online.  I really got how much more space it opens up when you're not on, or distracted by, what you think you might be missing.   

The Mendocino Coast is breathtaking, Gualala is no exception.   It's beautiful up there.  It was hot, we ate, we worked hard, we played hard, and slept like the dead!  I can't wait to go back!

The property is 10+ acres of trees, meadows, gardens, old cabins and sheds.  It's beautiful.  There is a little trail to walk through the forrest on the property, all of it feels like being home.  The peace and quiet - it reminds me so much of hot summers at our family home in Glen Ellen when I was a kid.  The Gualala river is near by, not to mention an ocean, and the water is glassy crystal clear.  See where I'm going with this...so super easy to blow off your stupid signal.

on the clay front: 

I've applied to a show in November and we'll see if I've made it; tough competition this year.  If it's a go, it's time to ramp up production.  I've made some vases and cups in an effort to get my ass in gear and back in some kind of making groove...even the boyfriend recently got in on the act.  I have to say that it's an interesting thing to spend time in your studio with your significant other.  I enjoy his company in the evening studio time together.   I often need to work alone to concentrate.  There are some points in process when I still do need to just do my shit.  When someone in my studio with me, I notice I have a tendency to slightly downplay whatever I'm working on - I have no idea why -  I have to work harder to concentrate on what I'm doing which means I get very quiet.   But, I do like the juxtaposition.   He's a creative and talented builder in his own right;  I learn a lot from experiencing his approach and process.  Really, I'm just super stoked he get's it!  love and art are pretty fucking good together.

here's the boyfriend cup!  awesome, I think.   it's been glazed and going in the kiln tonight.....stay tuned.