Beth Cavener-Stichter

Beth Cavener-Stichter's work totally mesmerizes me, tortures me.
I am mostly speechless; always in awe.

More photo's of her new work can be seen at Claire Oliver's
McIntyr's Annual Inventory Clearance Sale is ON!

Saturday, November 14
10:00 - 3:00
55 West Grand Street
Healdsburg, CA

if you are at all interested in mosaics or want to re tile something - this is the place and the SALE For you!
Beautiful Handmade artisan ceramic tile.

Trust me; I have amassed cases of McIntyr tile in my garage to prove it!

Halima Cassell

I love her work. I would welcome the opportunity to see some in person.

Peter Hromek



Peter Hromek

old work

just a few examples of my mosaic work.

I have been reading Bibbi Forsman's Blog; first of all, how do you not LOVE the name Bibbi!
I really enjoy her blog, check it out! To take note; Bibbi has been posting about a mosaic/ceramic panel commission she did titled Terra Nova. Her work is beautiful!

I did mosiac work for over 10 yrs and I love it. I've done mural projects, swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens; you name it! However, I have been so obsessed with clay that I have not been doing any mosaic work to speak of for some time. I miss it, but I'm on the clay train.

I have thought a lot about finding my way back to mosaic by incorporating it into my sculpture work...must meditate on that.

lucky me, lucky me, lucky, lucky, lucky MEEE!

Sharon Virtue's work speaks for itself and it has a lot to say. Sharon is a creative TOUR du FORCE, to put it lightly. She is like a "creativity freight train. I met her while she was working on a project as the artist in residence at the De Young Museum. I showed up to help her out with some mosaic stuff and here we are; and boy, the impact has been great!
Her work is so layered, original, so wild and free. It's ingenius. She is not afraid to go for it and put it out there. Her work is fantastic in form, shape, idea, color; I am always inspired by her, always motivated and excited by ceramics when I see what she is doing.
Sharon is always ahead of the rest of us; she is always full of surprises...

Tiffany Schmierer. I met Tiffany at a workshop at Ruby's a few years ago. She had started teaching up at Skyline College. Lucky me. The minute I heard that, I was bound for Skyline, no questions asked. I got it right away; I got how fortunate I was to have access to her as a teacher and now she was going to be right in my backyard. She has had a huge impact on me and continues to be a powerful inspiration.
Teachers. Friends. Inspiration. Influences.

uh, are you kidding me?

Amanda Michelle Smith.

Awesome Awesome. AWESOME work, wouldn't you agree?

Stamp action

I just got some new stamps; again, and again from India! I just love 'em!

So in other news; things are moving super fast right now. My first show is in a week and a half. Am I ready? HELL NO! But, I'm on the move. I have SO much to do I just can't think about it; I have to task and then complete; task and complete. If I go lumping it all together I get all flummoxed.

Task and complete...




Asterix & Obelix

I'm a MASSIVE MASSIVE fan of Asterix & Obelix. This year marks the 50 year anniversary of the much beloved French Military Hero and his porky sidekick Obelix. Written by Albert Uderzo, who drew the cartoons, and René Goscinny, who wrote the original stories, it has been translated into 107 languages. (Mission Cleopatra is hilarious)

But you don't have to believe me; listen to what these guys have to say
The Wall Street Journal, Deutsche Welle, the Independent , & the BBC to name but a few.

munted kowhai

I bought this necklace from Puiyi Tiffany Pang at Munted Kowhai (that's pronounced Kow FY - it is a native plant of New Zealand). I follow her blog and have been ogling her work for some time; I finally got myself one and I CAN'T BELIEVE I WAITED so long. I LOVE IT! Love it.
Go on over and peruse; really sweet.

POW! right in the kisser...


Stephanie Lanter is over the top bad ass!

jeff campana

I've been reading Jeff's blog and looking at his work; it looks like his process is on the mind boggling side of the tracks...

check it out; you'll be impressed.

I am attracted to the obvious skill in process and how it's so pretty and light, simple and feminine. For how much each piece is "handled", they are so graceful and elegant.

gut feeling

OK. I LOVE the ocean. I love it. I don't even know if it's possible for me to express just how except to say it is like the incredibly amazing feeling you have when you sit next to someone you love absolutely and in that beautiful second of complete understanding of one another you just sit and hold hands in perfect silence. I don't know; I just want to be near it. For me, being in the ocean feels like the closest thing to the truly sublime I have ever experienced.
It also scares the fucking hell out of me.
Thing is I daydream about the ocean a lot. Every day, I can't wait to get home and get down to the beach. If the conditions are on, I want to get in the water. The problem is this picture constantly flashes through my mind. Most surfers don't talk about how they feel about it - most blow it off. I've learned to fight it off most of the time; I learned to ignore it or work my head not to think of it - but it's an effort, it's work. There are times when it's front and center and I just cannot ignore it, I cannot get it out of my head, and it's at those times that it keeps me out of the water.
guts, no guts? maybe I'd like to hang on to my guts? I don't know.

Jasna Sokolovic

I have got to buy one of Jasna Sokolovic's pieces! I think they are fantastic.
these photo's courtesy of her website

I have been thinking about doing some wall pieces; I am finding Jasna's and Jody's work so inspiring.
...hatchin' a plan.
P.S. Jesse Lu over at Mudbucket posted about Jasna today as well. She's linking to me: I'm linking to her. I've told you guys; Jesse's blog is great! She picks up on some artists that I can't even imagine. Good to know I've got my little finger on a tiny beat of what's new and happening in the ceramic world...keeps me young!

Josephine "Jody" Burr

I really like her work. I found her courtesy of ArtAXIS but having a heck of a time finding more about her. If you know of any good links; please leave a comment.

glaze, glaze, glaze, daze, no wait....glaze

...and this is only about half.
I am glazed and confused at this point ;)