nick cave soundsuits. nick cave is at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and these things are AMAZING! You have to see them to believe them. Go!

how about this

click on this to see pics of the CCACA 2009 show in Davis. I'll add pictures as my peeps send them to me...


setting up the davis show

It's like a theater production

that gum you like is back in style...

i have a gum problem

more CCACA, Davis

Susannah Israel

Tomoko Nakasato

Tiffany Schmierer

Kelly Connole - love the eyes & hands! I Also attended a demo with Kelly which was great. I really enjoyed her stories about how the rabbits came into being for her, where she draws her inspiration from, and part of her creative process.

Those eyes!

CCACA, Davis, Ca

Tiffany Schmierer

Michael Lucero

LOVE Lisa Clague. Love this piece.

Michelle Gregor
here are some standout pics from Davis. I'll post more...


here's Dante! Superpup, smiley, jr...

god mom

My nephew, I'm his godmomma. Ridiculously cute.