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thank you, for mentioning "we swim with the fishes"  in a post

we think it's so lovely of you.

we have to 'follow you' - keepin' an eye on all the good stuff you've got goin on!

Coquette & Dove - because, it's good for you.

Weekend action

Going to Cartier & America Exhibit at the Legion.

Will check out Diana Fayt's show CARBON & CLAY at Modern Relics in SF.  Must see Modern Relics - holy crapola - Look's like Alix bluh has created THEE perfect environment just for me - I may get lost in her shop forever.

Modern Relics has a show up of Diana Fayt's work. 

Diana is a nice gal, so much fun!  We love her and her work!

also, going to stop by David Wilson's show "the Great Beach & Father Sky" at Mollusk SF too!

much sights to see, friends to visit and feasting to endulge in.
My favorite kind of weekend...

Happy Weekending!

Recent Obsessions #3

Archipelago is a beautiful book. 

David Liittschwager & Susan Middleton info (bottom pic-book)
look into it, really.

*all other pics unknown and randomly collected.

Recent Obsessions #2

History on the High Seas!  I confess this is much more than a recent obsession, I have a deep love for all things oceanic, the age of discovery history, ancient mariners, lore and myth; but I have recently found some new figurehead images from various places - even Ebay.  Only I can't afford the $20,000ish price tag.  If I could - I think I would...have to!

Recent Obsessions #1

Ah Xian

Apparently, he did a series of life cast porcelain busts in the late 90's.  I just found these - I can't stop staring at them.  Apparently, he made the forms and allowed local artists to decorate many of them.

Some real standouts

So, we here at 'we swim with the fishes' use blogging for a few reason; one is to keep track of things that resonate with us.  I am all for art, ceramic heavy with a nod towards design-y goodness, and lots of ocean mixed in; therefore surfing (which lately, I've not been able to do much of...sad) lives here too!

And you can see I'm into linking up - I have a lot of links to sites because I want to be able to find them again.  I hope any visitors find good things to revisit here as well. It would be the best thing about this place - to pass on some great information about sites and people doing great things out there. 

I thought I'd point out some stand out sites that I visit ALL THE TIME and think you may want to visit as well...

Jesse's MUDBUCKET: She's young, cute, fired up and focused on showing you the best of the ceramic community!  I am a regular visitor there. 

Slipcast: Found through Jesse's MUDBUCKET - GREAT site on ceramics, these guys have an unprecedented list of ceramic artist sites - you could stay for days.  I just choose to go back over and over and over.

Whitney Smith - This Artists Life - Whitney is SO fabulously sharp with a snarky wit, which I love - her insights are brilliant and informative and she's a great story teller, will make an entrepreneur out of you and swear with flair whilst doing it!  A KEEPER! 

Bibbi Forsman - A Swedish ceramic/mosaic/photography artist whose site is always a fun and pleasant experience!  Those Swedes know how to live and be happy!

*I have a lot of ceramic sites and spend a lot of time constantly on the move with them, checking them out!

Design-y Places:
YHBHST - You have been here sometime -  it's an aesthetic powerhouse, and gifted - it just has that something about it.  I love David John's ecclectic range of posts though he throws a wide net they all pinpoint amazing well crafted art&design. 

Contemporist - LOVE LOVE LOVE this place.  It's modern perfection - delivers on the world of Modern Contemporary design.  Well formatted and presented.  I visit more than I want to admit! 

Better Living Through Design - there is a lot going on here - it's a powerhouse of modernity via the design community across all uses.  I like it.

We Heart - I have quickly become attached to this site; another powercenter for the design minded!

Elsita Mora - her paper artistry will blow your mind.  I love her little porcelain work.  Her personal style blog is a real treat.

The Bedlam of Beefy - first of all how can you not want to look at a blog with such a moniker?  Well, and it lives up to it's attractive title: Uncle Beefy serves it up on a plate!  Always find myself going back for seconds!

Coquette&Dove - Just found this place; courtesy of Uncle Beefy's blog.  I love the format; the look of the thing is so bright and clean.  I just love this gal's style...and her taste (wink)
She just wrote up a little mention of We Swim which was gracious and made my week!

The Swallowtail Society - Manny makes RIDICULOUSLY beautiful boards; I fantasize about getting one all the time.  I love his site.

SWELL - The dudes at SWELL are awesome!  And it's one of my favorite words...

Ryan Heywood - surf culture Aussie style at it's best; no small talent in photog as well.

DRIFT - access to the community, big time.

Eye Candy -
JJJJOUND - Master of the imagery universe.  delish.

Leslie Miles - Miles Fisher's blog - the goods, girls, places, people via pics that tells a 1000 stories any way you want it to be told.  Talented guy, that Miles. 

Jeff Bridges - yep, the actor.  He has a super fun website full of lot's of goodies!  AND, AND, AND, The guy's a POTTER!  GO Jeff!

WAIT wait, wait a sec...
I realize as I type this post; it's already a long list and I could go on and on.  Maybe I will do a regular STANDOUT post to call attention to, well, STANDOUT sites...
Sound good?

Asa Maria Hedberg

I LOVE everything about these pieces; the scale, texture pattern, color, the glass work incorporated into the piece, did I say the SCALE!  I often fantasize about making some very large (tree shapes) work; this is SO inspiring! 

Found courtesy Bibbi Forsman's blog and Asa Maria's Blog

More Bibbi
More Asa

Nuala O'Donovan

loving these. 

Nuala O' 


I found this picture of my dog (Dante) on the web - so bizarre.  I now have proof of what Jr here is doing while I'm at work...

he's a superhero.......I KNEW IT!

Jason H. Green

Uh, I think Jason Green fulfilling many a clay fantasy...


Face it

Making faces.  Images that resonate.  Not in the classic portraiture sense.  In the sculptural sense. 

In my work, where do my faces come from?  I'm influenced by so many singular features; yet, I keep making the same face even when I'm trying not to (and nope, it isn't my face).  

I am just wondering....who's face am I making?