a different kind of vessel

I saw these pictures of the Austin Martin One - 77 over at NOTCOT and it got me thinking.  Cars evoke a lot of passion and have enormous charisma.  Look at this thing; the thing is ridiculously beautiful.  As I looked at it and read the article I kept thinking about how much I wanted to meet the designer - pick his/her brain.  I wondered how such a car is imagined, conceptualized, designed, how it's created.  This is art folks.  The most expensive and most beautiful machines created in a highly crafted process where only a very few are made.  To me they are as important as a great painting. 

We all experience the love affair with cars whether we hook into it or not. 

The car world is so vast and heavily populated with intensely passionate sub culture genres.  So, there are a lot of ways we can go with this conversation.

I'm going aesthetic, beauty, and charisma.  Hell, I can't explain what evokes my attraction to the nostalgia, ingenuity and industry that created them - that would be a lot of conversation with a lot of different people.

Old cars have a lot of stories to tell.  You can see it in their eyes.

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