In my fury of making, making, making - I have sort of just knocked at the door of this form...or a form.  I am just being invited in.  I think it's interesting having the time to spend just making the trip to the front door.  Though I have an eye for the work of others and the good ones; this experience has helped me to look at ceramics more clearly.  Funny how that works.  eeek.  and how those people with much more experience look at mine.  ah, well, nothing ventured nothing gained !!

Happy with the handles, happy with the over all form and ideas...so going to stay for a long visit, see where it leads, maybe invite some new ideas over for tea.

Janet DeBoos

Janet DeBoos - and Australian ceramic artist.  I've seen much of her black and white work.  These pieces are something altogether different and well, for me,,, arresting.  I mean stop me in my tracks...arresting.  I love everything about them.  Simple cylinder shape, contrast, line work and design, the aboriginal reference and yet all of it comes across very modern.  So excellent.

more on Janet here:
Australian national university
and here
Sabbia Gallery

The driftwood effect

I've been making this since last year and selling them as a set with the salt cellar - but so many people are wanting to buy them as individual pieces.

I just wanted to use the 100+ pieces of driftwood hanging about the porch - and voila!  I guess that's how it works.  A spark of an idea and then you are off to the races.  Thank goodness I know the secret spots where I can find much more perfectly formed (for spoons) driftwood!!  and who complains about hangin' out on the beach.  Not I said the surfer/paddleboarder.  Perfect excuse "hey, I'm working"

In talks with a company about flaring out this idea - new stuff I'm excited about developing...stay tuned in.

Happy Friday.  I'm going to the beach...

the pipeline

Working on some new projects - I have some orders with specific request and will have some new items after delivery to show for it - I really enjoy good ideas and input from others.  I have a pretty clear idea of stretching my work and forms, but I do welcome strong and thoughtful input - I may not do it or make it, but I enjoy when someone understands my direction and can leverage an idea off of it.  I'm always intrigued with how people think and process.  

I have a lot of new ideas - I find I have to write/draw them out or they vaporise.  

One new thing are the scoops.  I can't even explain how much I enjoy making these.  They are super fun. I don't even care if anyone likes them, which I think is funny.  And I'm login' that orange/pink combo.

So, more to come.  Some news coming too - things are picking up.  The great thing about that is that I may not have to sit in a cube for the foreseeable future and that's the best news I can think of.

the constant lesson in attachment

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you get attached.  Maybe it's something new about this particular piece or it just has a certain something.  And then....in that moment your eyes get all rosey - then the lesson begins, because inevitably it will be the piece you really want to come out.  The problems start.  A little hairline crack here, tiny indication of a crack there.  You do your best to correct it "early".  It's worked in the past, so should be fine, no problem.  Then a little while later you check and the crack is back....errrrr.  So you try again, little more fixing here, patching there.  Now you've spent so much time cleaning and preening the thing, you've developed a picture in your mind at how it will look......if.....you.....can.....just.....get.....the problem.....fixed.   You do it and then let a breath out...finally, you think you've got it.

Phew.  wrap plastic over it and go about your business all the while thinking how exciting it will be to see this piece completed.  yay!

only to find the crack, ladies and gentleman, has won...and I don't mean the Irish craic.  

So, I'm taking a break, loading a glaze fire and learning my lesson, for the hundredth time, that clay is in charge, in the same way mother nature is in charge.  We can only hope our humble little hands can play its game.

I don't care, even when I care, I still love all of it; the glory of when you get what you want, the discovery of new things, and well, even when shit just doesn't go your way.

the blue/green theme

I've been working in this blue/green along side the sepia/scrimshaw look.  Someone mentioned to me recently that these pieces have a japanese wood block print feel to them.  It never entered my mind nor do I think of it, but like the reference.   I feel that way with the sepia toned pieces as well.  I'm working out a deliberate old fashioned/familiar/worn/comfort food kind of feel....but modern.

I'm working on a selection of new pieces for a shop in San Francisco called Small Stump/Studio Choo for a nautical themed show in July.   more info on that in future.


RIP Maurice Sendak.

Influential creator of my early visual landscape.  I still have the book and remember exactly every image of every page and every.  single.  word.

Guardian UK interview

NYT article

Jon Gariepy

Jon Gariepy is part of a show at Vessel Gallery , May 1 - June 30, as part of Oakland Art Murmur.
The show is entitled "Vessel 8: Charting the Waters".

I saw Jon's work at the CCA last year, of course, it's in the realm of my subject matter on a grand scale.  I was immediately drawn to it - but once up close, it's even more 'enormous'.  I'm just awe inspired by it.

Won't miss this show.  Must make time to see it.

If you are in the Bay Area - I'd recommend a day out to see Jon's work in person, photos do it no justice.

Susannah Israel recently interviewed and wrote and article about Jon - it will be out in the next issue of Neue Keramic Magazine.  

Louise Gelderblom

I've posted/written about the work of Louise Gelderblom in the past.  Every time I see her work, I'm just reinvigorated and excited about lines and linework.  Just look at these pieces!  They are impeccably  designed.  Every bit of the piece fits every other aspect of its design.  Hailing from South Africa, there are definite references from the cultural landscape, yet they are modern; simple forms, simple lines and yet powerful and bright and BIG!  Look at the scale.  So good!

What I know is every time I see them, I get excited and happy and want to whip out my exacto !

.louise gelderblom website

A few new things

Man, I've been worker bee.  I've been exploring (my favourite thing).

I'll be selling seconds at Fourth & Clay's Seconds Sale, this Saturday, May 5.  I feel the need for a margarita coming on....on the rocks.....sea salt !

I am working furiously to finish new work for the Bay Area Maker Faire on May 19 & 20.
I also just got in to Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival, Sept 15 & 16.

I do remember saying my goal for this year was to do a show every two months... careful what you wish for.   It's looking like that is exactly what's happening through the end of the year, with a couple double ups here and there.   I am still soaking in the luxury of full time studio work.  I hope that is a trend that continues.

So, with new work, there are also some things on the horizon...more on that in future.

Oh, and one more thing: I'm doing the social media work for the ACGA on Facebook and twitter.  Please click on the link and "like" the ACGA page.  With the help of the ACGA members and associate members, we are going to start revving up for the ACGA Palo Alto Clay and Glass Festival in July, but apart from that, we would like some more likers!