new head

Third in a series.  This is sculpture 412 from Imaco - great clay body.  All underglazes, low fired.  I used the matte glaze and clear gloss glaze on the eyes.  I didn't cut the matte in half with water which I normally do and got some pooling - waxy looking, but on this piece not too bad.  The face however does  give off a bit too much sheen....

new work; what I've been getting up to

here are some shots of work in progress and completed new work.  I am using cone 5 smooth body bmix.  I went through a period of trying a bunch of cone 5 porcelain clay bodies and I did have some even results.  I have found with my process, manhandling, the porcelain wasn't going to work, there was too much loss and too much frustration - literally coming apart at the seams!  I can say it's also the lack of patience and skill by the user, no doubt!   For pumping out a steady stream of functional ware, the bmix is so stout, so predictable, with enough elegance in it's final color, a smooth enough body for the's a workhorse.  In fact, the vanilla color of the clay body adds that little somptin' somptin' to the nostalgic flavor I'm looking for!  Still the porcelain is wringing in my ears.

favorite tool; a tiny exacto!

The best part is when I happen to get the clay at it's most perfect leather-ness -  drawing at that perfect time is absolute bliss...a million tiny lines.  I need to get out the house a bit more.  

WOW! what the hec just happened!?

hi!  anyone there?  it's me....I'm 'HOME'.

So much has happened since I had to sign off in August; sorry about that.  I am back up and running!
The short story is I lost my corporate job and have been adjusting to life as a ceramic has been a very interesting and, to be kind to myself, challenging process.  As I get back in the bloggy-groove I'll relate some anecdotal tidbits here and there.  I'm excited to be back focusing some attention on this, I'm grateful for the break.  Adjusting to working at home, not being tied to a large company after many many years of "service" and to be looking into the future uncertain of exactly what's down the road is very exciting and well, nerve wracking.  Thank god I know so many people who do exactly what I'm trying to do and are a great source of support and information.

It's been a break indeed; I've got a lot of catching up to do!