Speaking of Studio Time...

On Saturday March 12th from 10am-5pm Jay will be opening his studio displaying a whole big bunch of his sketches showcasing his morning sketch ritual. 

from Jay  "I like to sketch because it grounds me in the moment. It's a disciplined observation. It's a meditation. It's a visual journal. It's a time for the mind to go quiet. Sketching provides an inner oasis as I begin each creative day".

Here's the Super FUN part:
From 10am-11am Jay will be holding an informal super-mini-sketching-semi-workshop/doodle session for anyone interested in becoming a sketcher.  RSVP por favor for this session over at his blog The OPEN DRAWER - leave a comment!

drop in, meet Jay, see his beautiful studio and check out his world and make a sketch...!

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  1. A good reminder to pick-up a pen and direct ourselves at the real world more often. Thanks