what a week...

I am going back to my day job tomorrow after a week + off. The time went mostly as planned, some things went off the charts, and some dropped off the list - makes things more interesting. I am always amazed at the conceptual nature of time. Earlier in the week I felt it was moving so fast and now I feel a tiny lifetime was lived.

I made some headway on new work. I have been worried and a little panicked I would not have enough time or enough work for both of the shows in November. I am feeling a lot better about it at this point.

I worked on clay most days and went through some 150+lbs; I did three bisque firings and 1 glaze fire. I am looking forward to the studio being completed and we're almost there. I'm really happy with how it's shaping up. Construction should be completed tomorrow - yay!

I found a fantastic 8' long table at Urban Ore for $100.00 - awesome deal. I always feel incredibly lucky and thankful when the perfect thing just steps into my path...

off to work I go...have a great evening all and a great week ahead too.
I'm going to go have a glass of wine and glaze some work.


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