not sure where i'm going with this

here is one of my new pieces; it's huge for one thing because I have access to a big kiln right now. My work has always had a simple and clean, graphic style with a lot of open space. I like to have a sense of clarity and simplicity; but I am also a fanatic about pattern and imagery. I have an illustration and graphic design background and I find myself torn between my instinct to go all simple and my need to add, add, add. I know this idea of adding more pattern and design to my work has been pupating in my wee brain for a while now.

I have been thinking and drawing and absorbing, thinking and drawing and absorbing and what's popped out is some kind of simple yet design-y hybrid-y look. I like it. I have done a few pieces and I am still finding my way. I don't know how much will stick or how much open space will creep back onto the surface of these pieces.

It will be curious to see where it's going...

Hey, change is good, right?!

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