Chase/Livesocial Small Business Grant Application = SUCCESS DEPENDS ON VOTES !!

This came up because I voted for KYLER Jewellry in San Francisco.  The info came up on Facebook.  I looked at the application process and decided to just go for it.

Here's why I decided to apply:  I left the corporate world after 18+ years last August.  Frankly, I don't want to go back.  A lot has happened over the course of this last year.  The most important thing is the ability to do my work as a full time job instead of a second full time job ;-))  I did that for many years.   It's hard work, and not without it's challenges.  I have learned so much it's mind boggling.  I've worked harder at this than any job I've ever had.  I love it.  I don't want to do anything else,  I'd like to make it work and build on it.

Recently I have gotten involved with a major retailer and I believe some good things will come out of that for me.  Here's the thing; I have been operating out of my house, the same space, with the same equipment for over 5 years now - and it's served me very well !!  This grant would allow me the ability to get a bigger kiln,  maybe two. and some additional equipment which I know will improve my working process and subsequently improve my work.

The side note to all of this is for a few years now I have said "I want to open a shop in town".   I've mostly said it to myself, but recently I've been pitching the idea to some friends.  Of course, my dream is that I find a super cute store front in Pacifica, where I live, and create studio space with up front gallery/retail space where I can sell my work.  And even more importantly, also - I'm committed to promoting the work of others.  I'd like to continue to do that.  I believe a beautiful space with amazing work is not only possible, but needed.  As far as the Pacifica angle, it's a cute town with a lot of potential.  It feels like the town is hitting an upsurge, getting into a growth phase.  There is one gift shop, it's a good one!  I sell my work there.  But there is room for more.  I think it's good for our town.  I believe it helps boost the energy and gets people here.  I'd like to be able to do my work, sell it, sell other great artists and also create a successful business in my community.  Even help promote other small business owners who want to make a start.  Pacifica is 15-20 minutes south of San Francisco on the coast.  Yeah, yeah, it's foggy.  We have a "Fog Fest", but there's plenty of sun too...and the ocean.  We have a lot of open space and a surf culture growing by the minute.  I'd think creating a unique and interesting place - art centric - is good for my community as well as providing me with a new awesome career.  When I've talked about what I want to do - people are usually on board right away.

What's held me back; capital!

That's where Chase Bank/Livingsocial small business grant comes in.  I just had to go for it !

I can imagine there are so many people who have applied for this grant.  I am just one, many probably much better applicants with just as much vision and energy to make their business take flight.   If I had a chance at this award I'd be incredibly lucky, I get that!   and the hard work would be just beginning...

I need votes to qualify and the more votes the better - Also, I applied late and only have until JUNE 30 .  Please support my bid!

VOTE HERE -  log in with your Facebook login info and follow the prompts.
Enter LINDA FAHEY CERAMICS and then PACIFICA for city.



  1. Your VOTE HERE link doesn't take me to the voting page!

  2. hey anonymous friend - I changed the link to make it a step easier! thanks!