Summer/Fall events

Life on the coast; Saturday was fog down to the ground...sunny in San Francisco, but a sloggy mess here on the coast  a l l  day.  Sunday - clear and utterly spectacular.   Today...rain.  We get it all....every day.

So here we are in June; we are on the verge of summer.  And for me, it's hit the ground running time.  Sadly, there won't be much in-the-water neck is giving me trouble, and I have a lot on my plate.  Though, I might sneak in an stand up session here and there!  The water is the best thing - it washes off things you didn't even know were on you.

Here is what's queuing up for me through the end of the year:  I have some new product development projects I'm working on for a retailer.  I'll post more as I get more timelines and actual pieces in progress.   I'm working on some more driftwood pieces, and in addition to the scoop, some fun utensil ideas.  For some reason, I'm all over the kitchen utensil thing.

I'm working on some select pieces that will be featured at Small Stump/Studio Choo in SF in August.  Go Nautical themes!  The gals at Studio Choo are also working on a little side project I'm going to have a piece in - more on that soon!

I'll be making and selling work this weekend, JUNE 9 at Cavallo Point  The shop at Cavallo Point will also be selling my work starting in July!  yay!

Renegade LA is on the menu - July - I'll be sharing a booth with my friend and major talent Sharon Virtue  
Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival - September 15&16.
Santa Cruz Sea Glass & Ocean Art Festival   - third year doing this show and it's always a pleasure!
Madrigalli Market - 5th year in a row - a great event for me!

more info to come on dates, etc.


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