In my fury of making, making, making - I have sort of just knocked at the door of this form...or a form.  I am just being invited in.  I think it's interesting having the time to spend just making the trip to the front door.  Though I have an eye for the work of others and the good ones; this experience has helped me to look at ceramics more clearly.  Funny how that works.  eeek.  and how those people with much more experience look at mine.  ah, well, nothing ventured nothing gained !!

Happy with the handles, happy with the over all form and ideas...so going to stay for a long visit, see where it leads, maybe invite some new ideas over for tea.


  1. These are really great!

    And it looks like you are having fun!

    Keep up the good work. I DO really like what you are up to.

  2. I like the new colours and mug shape and handle are terrific! I'm definitely not the experienced potter you're talking about but admire your work just the same! Love them all!