Janet DeBoos

Janet DeBoos - and Australian ceramic artist.  I've seen much of her black and white work.  These pieces are something altogether different and well, for me,,, arresting.  I mean stop me in my tracks...arresting.  I love everything about them.  Simple cylinder shape, contrast, line work and design, the aboriginal reference and yet all of it comes across very modern.  So excellent.

more on Janet here:
Australian national university
and here
Sabbia Gallery


  1. Thank you for sharing Jane DeBoos! I love her work! The combination of surface decorating and the colours are beautiful!

  2. Hello Linda, I am a big fan of Janet's pots also. Glad to see them on your blog.

    Your post is perfectly timed. Janet is the featured artist on my podcast this week. Check out the interview at http://carterpottery.blogspot.com/2012/06/tales-of-red-clay-rambler-podcast-ep-3.html.

    Hope you are doing well.

  3. Just found your blog and thought I'd let you know that the image of the suite of five, titled Hybrid Garniture,
    was included in, and sold from Janet's solo show 'Scratching the Surface' in 2010 at Narek Galleries, Tanja,
    on the far south coast of NSW. Her follow up solo show, 'Scratching the Surface 2' will be exhibited
    at Narek, 26 April to 10 June, 2013. Check out our website for opening hours, call in and you'll be welcomed.
    A Tree Vase from the same series pictured, was purchased from the 2010 show for the NGA collection.
    Kind Regards,
    Karen O'Clery