alwyn o'brien

Uh,,,,,trying to contain myself; this stuff is making me want to leave work right now and get in the studio....
I LOVE it.  So, after Davis, and seeing sooooo much work; I had some time to think about what is it that I would say is a direction for me, what am I trying to convey.  It's this; something old, something new and something altogether modern and still handmade!  There is such an appeal to me to pull in the past, a nostalgic flavor and mix it all around with something very new and modern - even design-y.

I am not presuming that I've gotten there by any stretch but that is where I want to go...actually, I want to LIVE there!

So, in doing some searching for Alwyn; I found THIS!  I recently made some plaster 'chips', I've been carving designs and rolling out on them and I really find I like the process a lot and want to explore further.  I'm so stoked to see this on the next level.  So inspirational.  holy crap!!!!

dahlaus is a nice blog too!  check it out.

I could not find a website for Alwyn O'Brien
here are some links:
Canadian Clay Symposium
James Harris Gallery
Visual Art Source


  1. Luv that top cup, something old, something new, something modern and handmade is the ultimate in my book.

  2. these are to die for... and thanks for the link to that process... I forgot about it. It might work really well for me, too.

  3. now thats some seriously gorgeous layering in her work!!! I ve just enjoyed a quick tour of your front page and will have to come back for another look I love your eye for ceramic work and your design too...cheers ang, thanks for dropping by on mine today too :))