CCACA part 1

amber aguirre head - I bought for myself!
david Kuraoka "mango"
michelle gregor
michelle gregor
don reitz
student at Humbolt show - Annakatrin Kraus, "Birds of the Feather Flock Together" (thank you Jesse LU!)
Joe Mariscal, San Joaquin Delta College (thank you Rosalinda!)

CCACA is a big event and it's all over town - so lots of walking, walking, waaalllkeeeeng, hither and yon - my feet hurt enough for me to have found Shuz of Davis and bought some super ugly if sensible shoes.  A ton of work to look at, and then look at again.  I have more shots and when I have more time to write; I'll tell you all about it.  Had dinner with Jesse Lu from "Mudbucket"; I'm sure she'll be posting about the show soon...

dogs were big - seems like people are making dogs right now!  and michelle gregor stole the show - hands down.  Incredible installation at the Pence, a great talk by michelle.

good stuff....more to come.


  1. I love your CCACA images. That was a fun conference. I saw you from a distance but couldn't catch up to say hi.

  2. Hi! I went to the Chico show twice and you weren't there! are you going to Julia's workshop - we can finally meet! It was a fun conference; tiring but fun!

  3. Annakatrin Kraus, "Birds of the Feather Flock Together"... SHe was by far one of the standout artist's at all of CCACA.