working back and catching up...

gallery front at opening time!

Josie's new work!

One of my vases with calla's from my front yard.

How fabulous are Lynn Landor's pieces!

Sharon Virtue work

Christa's table


Whitney's table

Sharon, Sarah Gregory (in background) Dana Zed and Rae

The Fourth&Clay Vase Invitational was this last weekend.  Friday night opening party was good times - thank god they have a couch in their studio - it was nice to talk to whoever popped by for a sit down!  The gallery front had the firsts and in the studio working space behind were tables with incredible deals on seconds from many of the participating artists.  I bought so much work, I think that even if I sell all my vases - I still may not break even !

I had a great conversation with Sara Paloma - whose work you may be very familiar with -she is a wildly talented and successful working ceramic artist.  We talked about about working a full time job vs. doing clay full time.  I have a lot of friends who make their living as artists and over the years we've often talked about the particular challenges for each situation; I have a full time job and that has it's challenges.  The main one being it's a time suck.  Many of my friends have been doing art as a living for so long it's a lifestyle for them.  They couldn't imagine working in an office; I can't believe I work in an office, so we may be even there ;)  

I suppose working a job where I have steady income but have less time to devote to my creative life is a lifestyle too.  I've often tortured myself over the idea of doing art for a living, but I've always chosen to work.  Talk is cheap, eh!  Must be that unglamorous practicality in me.

Recently, I've began to feel more content with my situation; the reality that I like to have a job that pays for my insurance, phone, Internet, rent!  I have to balance and manage my time in as organized a manner as possible where my art is concerned because I simply don't have much.

Anyway, I go on....I think it's a valuable discussion and I thank Sara for a good conversation on the subject and I'd welcome comments, if anyone has any about the subject.

Participants at the show:
Christa Assad
Rae Dunn
Josie Jurczenia
Sara Paloma
Sarah Gregory
Lynn Landor
Whitney Smith
Sharon Virtue
Mary Mar Keenen


  1. Looks great wish I was closer, are you in the show too, missed some of your work. I'm really liking what Josie is doing nowadays.

  2. Hi Linda! thanks, I am in the show. the picture of the calla lilies is my vase!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I would love to go to Julia's workshop. It is on the same day as my commencement ceremonies, but I'd rather be at a workshop than walking for grad. Now trying to convince my mom that there are better things to do than pomp and circumstance is a different story, haha!

  4. funny! Mom's have needs too Kelly :-)