Work in progress

a few pieces in varying stages of process.  I've done a little figurative work, a little, and I've some ideas about where I'd like to take this; only I'm not sure exactly where that is and how to get there just yet - so a lot of these early on pieces are me trying to find my way.  It's also been a process of learning 'clay engineering'.  I like that part a lot - learning how to build and problem solve to get to your target.  and defy gravity! ha!

pics taken with my new camera!  yay.  I don't have a clue yet how to use the thing, but I'm learning bits here and there.  I can't say much for my photographic talents except the pictures are better than an iPhone!


  1. looks like your starting to get the hang of it...
    are you able to take the sculpture class???
    hope to see you this weekend. shaz.

  2. yay! i am going to be hanging out with Shazzie! looking forward to it!

  3. I am so loving these pieces... what is this big hair show again?