High Five to Jesse's MudBucket!

One of my favorite blogs "Jesse Lu's Mudbucket" got a mention in an article in Clay Times!  NICE!  Jesse is so energetic and her blog is a real inspiration!  Actually, there was a list of blogs sited in the article - Mudbucket being one of them.  Check out the post here and if you haven't been following Jesse's blog - get on that.

It's nice to be recognized! Congrats to Jesse Lu!   It's also great that more and more blogs are becoming more mainstream and inspiring new blogs to pop up.  A couple new ones to check out are Jennifer Brazelton's "Bumpy & Shiny"  and Michelle Gregor's new blog "Windytree" 

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  1. P.S. thanks for the shout out and yes I am so in on the blogger's cocktail hour at CCACA. Also thanks for the links to Michele and Jenn's blogs. :)