hello Embryo

a young girl named Holly sits next to me at studio, a little tiny thing, she has a fondness for animae creatures and obviously hello kitty.  She fashioned this umbilical hello kitty and though we all hemmed and hawed about how creepy gross it is - secretly we all love the thing.

and this is my no. 3; I've completed the building part.  I had a lot of trouble with this one - in the early stages her head kept falling back and breaking the neck; I finally cut off her head and re-attached with some serious gusto -now she's sporting a powerlifters' neck!


  1. Strange embryo but secretly it is kind of cool. Your head is amazing, that headress must weigh a lot, good luck with the firing.

  2. thanks Linda! This second attempt is better constructed and pretty thin - so not too heavy!

  3. Nice piece! just caught this image on the net. Keep your big weight off the neck til after the bisque. Even then you should be respectful of gravity - at 9.8 meters per second per second, that's a lot of pull! but once bisqued, no more breakage.