Jay Mercado paints

I went to Jay Mercado's studio opening on Sat - just to say hi - see what's going on with him, his work etc.  I had no intention of buying a painting, but I did.  He's done this series of still life on the ocean beach wall......ledge.......wall - it's called both by the local pops.  Jay's studio is amazing and his work is gorgeous, sensual and beautifully painted (now, you do get that these pictures do ZERO justice to the quality, depth and luxury of the seeing the paintings in person).  If you can, seek him out.  I think you would find yourself feeling inspired by Jay's approach, his studio and the reflection of that in his work.

Since meeting Jay and his wife Teresa; I've always wanted one of his paintings.  I finally took the plunge.  It's virtually impossible to resist a pomegranate on the Ocean Beach Ledge (wall).

I've posted about Jay in the past; he has a beautiful website and also writes a blog:

Jay Mercado.com
The Open Drawer

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