The cup invitational take aways

The Holiday Sale/Cup Invitational at Fourth & Clay was packed, HOT and from every angle a wild success!  There was capacity overflow and people were spilling out onto the street.  That studio is such a great place - I wasn't at all surprised.  Those gals know what they are doing and I was sure it was going to be...well, packed and HOT!

The work will be up through DECEMBER 19.

Josie's husband John did this amazingly beautiful video projection art, a band played, there was ceramic work up the kazoo, food and drinks everywhere.  Major party atmosphere; a ceramic RAVE.  Sharon would have loved it.

Hue Yang was there with her husband Jason Dunn and she worked her magic with the homemade persimmon mochi !!  Persimmon mochi and belgian beer is where ridiculous and good come together....just sayin'.
             visit Hue's blog for some more pics of the event.

I brought home a few gems to add to my growing cup collection and wanted to buy more but had to put on the visa brakes.

On a personal note; I learned some valuable lessons:
the good: I sold all my cups. Great, right?!

the bad: Well,,,,,really, they were under priced - feedback I got from not a few people (i.e: everyone).  Now, we can (and probably should) talk about all the things that may mean - but I'm still chewing on the feedback I received, so I'll let that sit a bit more.

and the ugly(?): it's a given I will add my own "spin" on the feedback; I'm a tad hard on myself, it's what I do, actually, it's how I get stuff done.  What probably should have been an exciting night ended up a shade on the bummery side.  I didn't feel great when I got home.  I felt out of my element and frankly a little embarrassed that I didn't know enough to competitively price my work.

Let's remember that I asked for the feedback and seriously, I do welcome it.

Still - I'm glad I went for it!  All in all; a great opportunity.


  1. Ok... I'm hooked. What was the feed back like?

  2. I had my cups priced at $28 - it was suggested they be $40. I think $35ish feels about right to me - so I get that - I did have some thoughtfulness about my pricing but I do hear that feedback and agree.

    the other feedback in conversation was that they (my work) "is sweet", but I was encouraged to "get away from the ""molly hatch"" thing", (i.e. flowers or birds - or maybe mishima all together)? Apart from the mishima technique; I am conscientious about doing my own thing - I do take a lot of workshops and have lot's of pottery pals I am surrounded by - my influences are many.

    Admittedly, I was a little taken aback at the time, but overall I think it's a good exercise to mull it over for a bit.

    back to the drawing board?? I don't know. I think I am going to trust my instincts and intentions and keep striving with my ideas and visions - a see where I go.