the longest day

Today is Yule, Winter Solstice - the longest day of the year.  It's a day to mark the depths of winter and the coming of spring.  Though the longest day of winter it signals a turn toward the light of spring.

We've had pretty much nonstop rain here for days (cake compared to Europe) and today finally, for a short while the sun was shining!

I have just started a two week vacation from work and I've been fighting some fluness for over a week - it's hanging on and on.  After quite a few days of couch time over the weekend I managed to get some shite done! I hate sitting around.  I got my DayQuil on and checked out Renegade on Sunday.  Renegade is a well done show.   This year it was in the Concourse Exhibition Center - I think I like the Herbst Pavilion locale better - but it was still really good.  There were quite a few more ceramic artists than last year.  Whitney Smith, Sarah, Paloma, Hue Yang, Chanda Beck and at least that many more people selling ceramic work I had never seen - which was fun and exciting!  Overall, a good show!  I bought my niece a supercute sweater dress myself and even cuter dress.   I also lucked out on amazing poster from super talented Jason Cantoro of HO LY MO LY - this guy's work has such quality and origniality!  There are a lot of print makers at Renegade and this guy made a statement -  his work stood out.  He just happens to be cute and nice - those Canadians are always so sweet!

Also, today I fooled around with some porcelain clay; I've been doing some new drawings inspired by a little book I got on Indian Textiles from the V&A.  AND, and, and,,,,I also managed to finally make two damp boxes!  It's the little things.  I'm super excited!  Because I work a regular job; I think the damp box is going to be one of my go to "tools" to help me "manage" time with my work.  I don't always have time to make and carve/design in succession.  I'm always wrestling plastic and continually wetting until I get time again to sit down and work.  So - Yeeeee Har!  and it was SUPER easy.  I'm embarrassed for having waited for so long to get the project done; I thought it was going to be a difficult, but it was a piece of cake!  As long as you get that plaster mixing thing right.

Revel in the full moon and snuggle up - think of what you've accomplished this last year and start thinking what seeds to plant for spring!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. The pot wings are a very new thing for me, it helps seeing them photographed to realise what they will be like.

  2. Of course, I stop by a lot!! I love the idea a big vessels coil built - I have some plans to do the same this year. I luuuuvveee coil building. I like how long it takes - it feels very meditative!

    Happy New YEAR kitty!!