a different kind of clay artistry

Marlin Clay Model 1965

I'm fascinated by this.  Imagine a car covered in mishima, cobalt decoration, slips, sprigs, whatever.
First of all the design/render process itself is amazing.  It took some rooting around to find out about the clay body; apparently, it's a clay body with some "rubber" compounds in it are used.  It isn't fired, gets steel hard and can take a painted surface.  If it's not painted; they use a very thin sheen that is 'burnished' onto the surface.  The level of detail and intricacy are mind-boggling.

how in the world did I get on this?  I love cars.  I was reading about my current car obsession the One-77....couldn't find a good photo of the clay version of the One-77 - but this is what I found.

Behind the scenes
photos of car modeling in clay
chavant modeling clays

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