The Cook & Butler go to market

I teach a Mosaic class at a clay studio near by called Clay Creations.  Some work completed (mostly) in class.  We have a great time!  I am enjoying teaching a class again. 

These two are leaving my class :( to start their Vegan Catering adventure ;) at a few local Farmer's Markets.   They are Shivie and Cemaaj "The Cook & Butler" vegan chefs and lovely friends extroardinare! 

And we friends have been enjoying their fabulous food for months now...

I'm not a vegan, or vegetarian, I love a burger as much as the next guy.  BUT Shiv and Cemaaj make the best VERGERS I have every tried. Seriously. I'm still waiting to test out the BeetVerger.  They are dynamic in their knowledge of ingredients - and we're not talking mock chicken here people; we're talking talent in knowing your craft and continuing to try new things and expand the menu - though they fit right into the vegan demographic, they are looking to educate and excite the meat eating population to expand on their diets and be more, well, vegan-esque...

What I LOVE about these guys is they aren't about making you into a cute little vegan - they are about introducing Vegan-esque ways of eating into your regular eating habits. There is an education going on and it is smart and delicious.

really - get smart about your food; check them out.  look into it.  give it a go.
You can find them\meet them at:

Point Richmond Farmer's Market
WEDNESDAYS May 12 - October 4

Livermore Farmer's Market
THURSDAYS May 20th- Oct 8

for more information on the Markets

If you are interested in catering or more information: link to the website and send them a note.  They are the nicest people!
More about them:

"The big news is that after being “TeamRAW” for the last year or so, we realized that by our very name (which by the way we love) we may be excluding the very people we want to help-namely those that eat meat and/or dairy and want to implement a few healthy changes into their diet without necessarily giving up meat altogether.

In such cases we have had success with people choosing to be vegetarian, vegan or raw vegan for one or more dedicated days a week. We can either prepare for the food for those days or teach you to make the food for yourself-that is where we see ourselves helping others. And again, TeamRAW seems to imply “RAW” (duh, it’s in the name!) and excludes those that are not, we are not even 100% raw (I for one rebel against anything that causes you to be 100%!). There are times, especially in the colder, darker months, that we eat cooked, vegan food alongside some raw staples.

So, what is the new name I hear you cry-drum roll…we shall be called “The Cook & Butler”…we can do all things kitchen, from setting up the ideal raw/vegan kitchen to preparing food and showing you how to prepare the food for yourself. So in that respect the name is more fitting…

But there is more…my birth name is “Cook” and Cemaaj’s birth name is “Butler”, we really are the Cook & Butler by birth and now we find ourselves sharing our life and passion together, back in the kitchen, we feel we have probably spent a few lifetimes there.

We are in the process of finalizing our fabulous new logo (thanks to our Angel, Linda) and changing over the web address (the new address will be …other new things on the horizon…

check them out HERE & the brand new website HERE, get over to TheCook&Butler on facebook - become a fan! 

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