Handful of Salt highlights Sharon Virtue

If you haven't been visiting the snazzy and neat-O blog
Handful of Salt, you should get on over there...and often, as a matter of fact. 

They feature interviews of local noteworthy artists heroes and heroines.

Recently, they did a feature about one of my biggest inspirations, Sharon Virtue.  I also feel incredibly lucky to call her a friend!  

Sharon is in Haiti as I write this working with kids much in need of a boost and she uses art as her healer...Sharon will rock those kid's world, I've no doubt.  She's a beautiful, talented, trailblazin' mav out to spread the word of living better through art -  and hangin' with the kids. 

see what i mean about inspiration!

check it out here 


  1. Elle a fait un travail execelent avec nous et la maniere dont elle travaille avec les gens est inoubliable j'├ętais dans ses formation a Port-au-Prince (Haiti), Jude MESIDOR

  2. Hello Jude - Sharon is truly an amazing person - I'm so great you had time with her! thanks for posting!