Recent Obsession #4

Tall ships, Clipper Ship, Full-rigged Ship, Ship-of-the-Line, Three Masted Schooner, Two Masted, Cutter, Corvette, Frigate, Barque, Barquentine, Brig, Brigantine, Top Sail, Ketch, Sloop, even an hermaphrodite brig! 

it's a brave new world...
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  1. nice boat images! i love the terra nova expedition shot of the boat trapped in antarctic ice.

  2. What a wonderful blog you have! Thank you for your recent comment on my site, it was good to hear from you and to be inspired to hop across and see what you do. I love sailing ships of all kinds, and it is a real treat to me to be greeted by such a lovely collection of them. The very last one is quite magical with those people drifting along under that huge sail!

    Must away now, but I look forward to being a frequent visitor!

    Best Wishes, P.