I survived Davis but my pieces didn't

Taking the show down was a bit of a melee.  In that moment when the thing breaks there is some adrenaline and instant shock, then you start the getting over it process; because you do...get over it.   By the next morning I was over it.  Accidents happen.  

We'll get the PC11 or 7 (whichever one is white) and we'll put  the Ms. Humpty's back together again!  Now I can call her FrankenMer!  I like it!

here are just a few highlights and other stuffs from Saturday and Sunday's happenings:

I'm a history junkie and this instantly grabs my attention.  Monica Van den Dool rocks.  Her lecture; entertaining.  She has a very wry and witty humor, which I adore in people, and an hilarious approach to her work.  She doesn't take herself too seriously.

all about the Clague.  

From the top:
Natsoulas Gallery
Natsoulas Gallery - really taken by these pieces.
Pence Gallery
Pence Gallery
Chico State - Kelly Lynn Daniels.
can't remember artist or college (yes, lame)
(Clinton?) Woodbeck.  He likes the lichen, so do I.  He has scaled up from last year and he's done it well.
Clarine Wong - Diablo Valley College
Jeff Richards - sgraffito wall piece - Skyline College
SF State Show - artist unknown

Beth Ozarow.  One of the Eight at ACGA's show at the Davis Art Center.  It's a hike to get out to this show but well worth it.  There is one thing you see and do all over the place at CCACA, and that's walking.  everywhere.  over and over.  miles and miles....
I was very moved by Beth's work; and I thought the distant and quiet of the Davis Art Center actually enhanced the feel of her work.

The Davis Farmer's Market is on Saturday and it's a must.  This year was a delight because the sun was out and it was a bright, warm morning.  Sitting with friends having great food and laughing our asses off was a highlight of the weekend! 

Of course, I had 'eyes WAY bigger than my stomach syndrome".  Uh, A pound of dried cantalope and peaches may not make your day.  Support your local farmer, support your local sheep!

BUT this little gem right here made my weekend.

It's called "he was always such a good little boy" and yep; it is moby dick as a baby with his mum.  If you look closely at that little dudes face you can see the attitude.  He's got a chip on his shoulder and he's going to make 'someone' pay...

It was an instant love affair with this and I want to thank Janelle Sonoda again for creating this.  Thanks Janelle!  She is a student at Sac City College and they were in the warehouse right next to us. 

This also sparked the "Whale Exchange" Program with me and Ms. Truman.  We both love Sea Tales and are inspired by ocean myth and stories.  I am going to make a whale for Zan and she's going to make a whale for me.


  1. My daughter and I passed by you on our trek to Area 11. It was a bit like passing by a rock star. We didn't realize it was you until it was too late. Maybe next year we can pull together a mass meet up of California's ceramic bloggers for Saturday night.

  2. Oh dude! I would have loved to have met you both. I wonder how glazed over my eyes looked! It's an action packed weekend there's no mistake. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. Btw - r u sure it was me?