Jasna Sokolovic

I have got to buy one of Jasna Sokolovic's pieces! I think they are fantastic.
these photo's courtesy of her website

I have been thinking about doing some wall pieces; I am finding Jasna's and Jody's work so inspiring.
...hatchin' a plan.
P.S. Jesse Lu over at Mudbucket posted about Jasna today as well. She's linking to me: I'm linking to her. I've told you guys; Jesse's blog is great! She picks up on some artists that I can't even imagine. Good to know I've got my little finger on a tiny beat of what's new and happening in the ceramic world...keeps me young!


  1. Oh goodness... You beat me to her! ;) I'll just have to link to your blog... yes, all the hard work's done. lol

  2. ...and I'm linking to you! We are ON IT! I totally got a kick out of that.

    it's a jasna love fest!

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