Josephine "Jody" Burr

I really like her work. I found her courtesy of ArtAXIS but having a heck of a time finding more about her. If you know of any good links; please leave a comment.


  1. MAYBE THIS WILL HELP YOU SEARCH (nice work!): Jody Burr, Development and Marketing Committees. Jody is a studio artist and the Executive Director of Roslindale Village Main Street in Boston, MA. She received her MFA in Artisanry/Ceramics from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2002. She served as the Manager of Education and Studio Operations at Greenwich House Pottery in New York from 2002-07, and has taught and exhibited her ceramic work nationally.

  2. thank you Mary! I found info; just no website and more photos of her work, what she is doing currently etc. thanks for that; maybe I will be able to track down more.

    Hope you are well!