the pipeline

Working on some new projects - I have some orders with specific request and will have some new items after delivery to show for it - I really enjoy good ideas and input from others.  I have a pretty clear idea of stretching my work and forms, but I do welcome strong and thoughtful input - I may not do it or make it, but I enjoy when someone understands my direction and can leverage an idea off of it.  I'm always intrigued with how people think and process.  

I have a lot of new ideas - I find I have to write/draw them out or they vaporise.  

One new thing are the scoops.  I can't even explain how much I enjoy making these.  They are super fun. I don't even care if anyone likes them, which I think is funny.  And I'm login' that orange/pink combo.

So, more to come.  Some news coming too - things are picking up.  The great thing about that is that I may not have to sit in a cube for the foreseeable future and that's the best news I can think of.


  1. On vaporizing ideas -- so true. I keep a small sketchbook with me almost all the time to catch thos ideas before they slip away.

    The scoops are beautiful. Bet you could come up with an awesome ladle too :)

  2. Yes!! I am feeling so domestic in terms of what I want to make. Of course, I am enthralled with nostalgia and the things my nonno and nonni did. So, I suppose I'm reliving my most wonderful childhood memories through my art. My grandparents were from italy and the garden, growing food, the kitchen, making it, and the table where we'd sit for supper sometimes for hours and hours is worth reliving.

  3. Those scoops are stunning! I love the simple cut edge and the folded ends. Gorgeous form!

  4. The colour combos that you choose as well as the designs are really so lovely! I'm sure I've said it before, but I really do love your work!

  5. I thought I'd let you know, lady, that your work, your perseverance, your momentum, and your attitude are so inspiring to me lately. You rock.

  6. I feel that way about you all the time ! I'm encouraged and inspired all the time by your amazing truthfulness, genuine attitude about the move and transition and trying to build a new home/life/creative world. really - I hope you know how much courage and confidence it takes to do what you guys have done.

    And, thanks so much for the boost !!