the constant lesson in attachment

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you get attached.  Maybe it's something new about this particular piece or it just has a certain something.  And that moment your eyes get all rosey - then the lesson begins, because inevitably it will be the piece you really want to come out.  The problems start.  A little hairline crack here, tiny indication of a crack there.  You do your best to correct it "early".  It's worked in the past, so should be fine, no problem.  Then a little while later you check and the crack is back....errrrr.  So you try again, little more fixing here, patching there.  Now you've spent so much time cleaning and preening the thing, you've developed a picture in your mind at how it will problem.....fixed.   You do it and then let a breath out...finally, you think you've got it.

Phew.  wrap plastic over it and go about your business all the while thinking how exciting it will be to see this piece completed.  yay!

only to find the crack, ladies and gentleman, has won...and I don't mean the Irish craic.  

So, I'm taking a break, loading a glaze fire and learning my lesson, for the hundredth time, that clay is in charge, in the same way mother nature is in charge.  We can only hope our humble little hands can play its game.

I don't care, even when I care, I still love all of it; the glory of when you get what you want, the discovery of new things, and well, even when shit just doesn't go your way.

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  1. Oh the learning curves and patience building moments! You're work is looking gorgeous by the way:)