Some findings

This is a piece by Chris Garofalo.   Her website is HERE
And then there is THIS from the Sunday TMagazine.  A neat little tidbit about Chris, and a cool visual of her studio.

I've been rooting around in some unusual places on the inter-webs and have come across some real keepers.

I (with the help of my fellow Pinterest-ers) have a kaleidoscope of ceramic inspiration.  Follow me on Pinterest HERE.   If you haven't taken the dive - go, at least take a look, and maybe, get in the game!  It is an amazing environment.  I will start to write about some of that work here in the posts to come.

I also found - and this may not be news to you guys - but it was to me;  Brian R. Jones podcasts - hours of great listening in the studio.  There are loads of interviews and discussions about the world craft and making a living at making.

Things go by like a rushing river - I'm just reaching out and grabbing on to a few tiny tea leaves to study some of these things a bit closer...

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  1. Thanks for the Jonescast lead! I didn't know about it. Just subscribed and the recent podcasts are downloading right now.