500th post - where we've been, where we are, where we're going

This blog started simply to collect images and honestly do something fun with my dearth of down time at work.  For years, I'd collected imagery for inspiration - everyone does that, right?  I did it probably for 10 years before the idea popped up to start this thing.  I had no idea what I was doing, still not sure I do.

I'm just going about this in a very organic way.  

Being an introverted type, I wasn't sure I could even think of anything to say or know what to do, but I went ahead anyway (if you missed it; I did apologise in advance and do so again for my remedial, lazy grammar).  I just figured it didn't much matter, I'd just do it for fun as an experiment.  I had no idea anyone would read it or even know I was here.

The corporate office job allowed me the perfect venue to write almost every day.  The odd thing is I now no longer work in an office every day, and I confess, I've been posting fairly intermittently.  Facebook and Etsy are largely to blame, but there was a discernible shift when I stopped working...how I spend time.

I was just talking with Scott Jenning's last night at Red Brick's Open Studio party about time.  We are both at opposite ends of the spectrum and we've both been where we both are ;-))  In other words, I used to work a full time job and did my ceramic work at night and on the weekends which posed some issues with not having enough time.  What little time I did have was about getting work done.  I'd focus on what I knew I could make.  No muss, no fuss.  There was very little opportunity to explore and develop because there simply was not ...enough time.  Scott was teaching, he is now working a full time job and working in the studio in his off time.  The other side of having a full time job is having the security elsewhere to be able to choose how you spend your making time.  If you take of the pressure off just making to sell - there is an opportunity to fool around with new ideas and explore - but there is rarely enough time to do both production and exploration.  The process for each and the space around them are completely different.

Leaving my day job and choosing to focus on my work for a while has been a pretty amazing journey.
It's been close to 20 years I've worked full time.  My having this much time is certainly a luxury.  It's also really weird.  It has helped my work.  Having time just to think, space to think, of ideas, of shapes, of forms and new templates has been a great exploration worth all the transition pains.  It's a subtle process that transcends definition.   It's the space between actions, often in the subconscious where the real innovation happens, where ideas are born...

I think the ole' blog's got more in her.
thanks for reading, following and leaving comments.

and thanks !

that's a new t-cup btw...tempest in a t-cup


  1. I just know you have more to blog about! If anything, what you have already shared demonstrates an intuitive and imaginative explorer who is not done evolving. And so I hope you also continue to blog about your discoveries. You obviously have a great deal to share!

    Coincidentally, I just put up a post on the introverted artist's life on my blog. It seems a lot of folks are talking about this issue. And it seems especially relevant for artists in a world where too much is expected of us in extrovert terms. And it seems that the distance of the internet is almost perfectly designed to allow introverts to 'socialize'. We can blog and share our interests without the overstimulation of a crowded room. We can meet new people and connect with them without triggering our need for escape to solitude.

    So I hope you continue blogging for at least another 500 posts! You add so much to this quiet community, and your virtual voice is a positive and keen contribution. Thanks for all you do! Keep up the good work!

  2. hey Carter - and thanks! it does make a difference to hear some feedback and phew, even better when it's positive! It's motivating. I had some things prioritise themselves up over the blog, but I'd like to and keep thinking of more I have to do here. Thanks again for the good words !

    One thing, I hope you'll come back. I can't find your blog post about introverts. If you come back over - please post the link in the comments !


  3. UPDATE Carter - found you and your post!! awesome. from one introvert to another - big round of applause.

  4. Way to go, Linda! Keep on rockin' the blog! Well done.

  5. wow, michael, you read my blog. well now I'm feeling way good ;-) thanks. I'm a huge fan of yours.

  6. I hope you continue for at least another 500 posts too. I love to enter your world of whales and waves and unexpected underwater things on pots. And actually, far from noticing any grammatical blips, I enjoy your writing style. The content of your blog also has resonance as I too have stopped 'work' and given more time to ceramics - though my circumstances are different to yours in that I stopped because of a health failure and took up ceramics in my effort to get better. Something that was supposed to be an occasional hobby has now become a raging passion but I still have to wade my way through being a rank novice and making lumpen, graceless pots. Nothing like your graceful lines (the above is no exception). An exercise in humility, is potting, or so it seems!