working's raining hard here in "sunny" California.  There is something very inspiring to me about rainy days, much the same way a very bright sunny day is inspiring too, as well!  Though, I do get so much more work done on a rainy day.

I am making new work for a show/sale I'm doing on Treasure Island March 24/25th.  This is a new event for me, so we'll see - I thought it would be fun and I'd reach a whole new group of customers.

new vases of varying size from 6.5" to 9" and some small plates ranging from 4" to 9" diameter.


  1. I really love your images of the sea and the colors. Makes me so homesick for the coast! Last year after our trip to Maine, I made a bunch of work inspired by the shore, but I just wasn't feeling it. My work comes more from the country it seems. So, I will just enjoy the ocean inspired work of others!

  2. Hi Tracey - thanks for coming by! Lucky me, the ocean is pretty much right in my backyard! I couldn't imagine living away from it. And I love being in it and on it. I can not longer surf, but have taken up Stand up Paddle boarding! yay. So, I hope some of that leaks in to my work and I'm happy when it does. I am especially drawn to work that transcribes in some way the artists landscape ephemera.