Kevin Snipes at Clay Mix - Part I

Kevin Snipes gave an interesting and informative talk at Clay Mix in Fresno, Ca today.  I'll write more about his demo in Part II tomorrow.

But here's a little description, my experience, of his work...

Apart from what is widely discussed about his contrasting narrative, what struck me immediately is that his work is so rich.  Rich.  There is a surface quality that is a little like wax.  It has a softness, an encaustic look and feel, very subtle, very slight.  In this way, it's like no other work I've touched or seen.  The storytelling, the dynamic force of opposites, pieces missing, pieces added, activity, energy, attitude, it's all there.  It's swirling and busy, there is activity in colour and form, and yet its almost encased, even protected by this beautiful velvety shield.  I swear it gives the illusion that you are eaves-dropping on a conversation.

Everything he is giving in his work for the viewer to see and overhear, he is also holding back.

It's so great!

Clay Mix is a great space.  A clay studio, gallery, clay supply shop.  The work in the gallery is inspiring and well presented.   A wonderful, bright, open space- it was well worth the trip....

Ah, the trip!  The round trip to Clay Mix was pretty much equivalent to me driving from my house to Los Angeles - thanks goodness for the company of Tiffany Schmierer (we also were picking up some of Tiffany's pieces in the gallery at Clay Mix).

So, yeah, it was good,  but   put   a   fork   in   me....

I have pics of the demo and will post part II tomorrow.


  1. I'm sooooo green with envy. I wanted and needed to see Kevin's work first hand.

  2. It was really good. I confess, we had to leave a bit early because we had a long ride back and we were going to go to Jenn Brazelton's opening/closing reception at Ruby's. A FULL day of clay!!

    I'm going to write and post pics on the demo side today!

  3. Looking forward to your post. You're the eye's and ears on this one. LOTS of pics!