WOW! what the hec just happened!?

hi!  anyone there?  it's me....I'm 'HOME'.

So much has happened since I had to sign off in August; sorry about that.  I am back up and running!
The short story is I lost my corporate job and have been adjusting to life as a ceramic has been a very interesting and, to be kind to myself, challenging process.  As I get back in the bloggy-groove I'll relate some anecdotal tidbits here and there.  I'm excited to be back focusing some attention on this, I'm grateful for the break.  Adjusting to working at home, not being tied to a large company after many many years of "service" and to be looking into the future uncertain of exactly what's down the road is very exciting and well, nerve wracking.  Thank god I know so many people who do exactly what I'm trying to do and are a great source of support and information.

It's been a break indeed; I've got a lot of catching up to do!



  1. Sorry about the loss of your job, welcome back to blogging and full time ceramics, love your sculptures there.

  2. thank you Linda! I have been facebook connected, but you know, it's not the same thing! Like I said. lots to catch up on!